MacBook Air M2: We Tried Out Apple’s New Laptop

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Apple’s new M2-powered MacBook Air adds a lot of new features, but it also brings back my least favorite: The laptop’s starting price is over $1,000. For much of its life, the MacBook Air sat at a

Acer Warns of Laptop Oversupply as Inflation Concerns Grow

Due to skyrocketing COVID demand for desktops and notebooks from businesses and individuals, PC makers ran into trouble building enough computers and procuring ample components. However, as store shelves are now mostly stocked, PC demand has slowed due to inflation and uncertainties caused by the war in Ukraine. As a result, Acer chairman Jason Chen

I just used USB4 on an AMD laptop and it’s amazing!

Dell XPS 15 review (2022): Still the best 15-inch Windows laptop

Image Credit: Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

The XPS 15’s 3.5K OLED display remains a knockout, with excellent color reproduction, black levels and all of the bonuses you’d expect. Still, I’d love to see Dell push this display further, especially after both Apple and Microsoft squeezed high refresh rate screens in competing notebooks. Having that extra bit of

HP releases its $1,099 Linux laptop for developers

HP releases its $1,099 Linux laptop for developers


HP released its Dev One Linux laptop today. Aimed at coders, the 14-inch clamshell comes at a lower price than previous Ubuntu-based HP clamshells.

Starting at $1,099, the Dev One begins to keep costs low by opting for an AMD, rather than Intel, CPU and skipping the discrete graphics card. HP’s last Linux laptops,

A beautiful laptop with a 16:10 display

At  MWC 2022, Acer introduced two new laptops: The Swift 3 and the more premium Swift 5. After having the chance to try out the Acer Swift 3 a couple of weeks ago, Acer also sent me the Acer Swift 5 so I could take a closer look at it.

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