Trevor Bauer’s latest social media activity foreshadows fate for 2022 with Dodgers

Trevor Bauer, the man who’s arguably more known for his social media activity than his pitching, may have just signaled his fate for the 2022 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Last year, shortly after sexual assault accusations got the right-hander placed on MLB’s administrative leave, the Dodgers did all they could to remove his trace from the franchise. They canceled his bobblehead night six weeks in advance. They no longer had any of his gear for sale in the team stores. The players, coaches and front office did their best not to elaborate upon Bauer’s situation whenever they were asked.

Now, the assumption among baseball insiders is that Bauer will be suspended for all of 2022 once the league completes its investigation (which is coinciding with the LA District Attorney’s office) and then the Dodgers will release him in 2023, eating the $17 million they owe him for that season.

And it appears Bauer’s taken a step toward indicating that very well might be his reality as we inch closer to the season’s projected start (can the lockout end, please?).

Trevor Bauer removes mention of Dodgers from his social media accounts.

We don’t know exactly when this happened, but it surely was recently, because many fans were wondering why Bauer still had any mention of the team on his Twitter/Instagram accounts since it was a foregone conclusion he’d never be pitching for LA again.

As of Thursday, his Twitter bio reads “For the People” (in addition to his name in Japanese for some reason?) and his Instagram bio says “‘Mickey Mouse’ Cy Young winner, MLB All-Star, Youtuber, and the only person in the world to get dunked on by @esim3400.” No more “Pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.”

So much for that “hint” of returning to the Dodgers about a week ago.

Still, this hasn’t stopped him from pretending he’s buddies with people he probably has never met before.

“Rach.” Ok, dude.

There is one thing to consider here, though. The Dodgers are not allowed to contact Bauer due to the lockout, so we can pretty much guarantee no talks have been held about his future with the organization amid the ongoing investigation. Maybe he saw the writing on the wall? Maybe he’s sick of people asking him about what’s to come in 2022?

Either way, couple this with the ongoing speculation from multiple esteemed insiders, and we think we can safely assume what might be happening to the worst signing in Dodgers history next season.