The Valuable Benefits Of Using A Mobile App For Crypto Trading

Ever since cryptocurrencies took the financial world by storm, people from various walks of life are becoming increasingly interested in the vast trading opportunities this nascent asset class presents. 

Compared to the early days of crypto, joining the trading scene has become much easier over time. Gone are the days when one needed to get in touch with a broker or own a high-end device to access the trading market. These days, almost all crypto platforms, be they centralized or decentralized, give greater credence to user experience. Accordingly, every exchange is focusing on rolling out mobile apps for their trading platforms to attract more users.

Mostly this reflects the increased use of smartphones and widespread market penetration in recent years. Statista estimates that smartphone subscribers worldwide exceeded six billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by several hundred million in the coming years. On the other hand, not everyone has laptops or desktop computers. To reach these less connected members of the global crypto audience, exchanges are increasingly constructing mobile apps to reach more smartphone-only users.

From a trader’s perspective, two of the most important things when choosing a trading platform are accessibility and ease of use. Since smartphones have become part of our daily lives, leveraging a mobile trading app from their favourite exchanges helps users save time and effort. 

The Beneficial Attributes Of Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile trading apps are transforming the face of online trading, be it for cryptocurrencies or stocks, bonds, and other traditional investment options. Here are a few reasons behind the surge in use of mobile trading apps:

  • Accessibility: With just an active data connection, anyone can download a mobile trading app, sign up, and start trading. It doesn’t need a dedicated setup or extra investment. Besides, using a mobile app for trading gives you the flexibility to invest wherever and whenever you want.
  • Stay informed: Mobile trading apps allow you to set up custom alerts and notifications. You can do that on a web app too, but you can’t carry your computer around all the time. With a mobile app, you’ll get real-time updates of the market, helping you to make informed decisions.
  • More control: Everything is literally at your fingertips. There are no hassles, as the app allows you to instantly place buy and sell orders, review the portfolio, and check detailed charts. Furthermore, mobile apps grant you more customization options, making digital asset portfolio management more effective.
  • Flatter learning curve: With a mobile trading app that you can access anytime, you’ll get hands-on experience trading and navigating the different services available. Besides building a better understanding of the market, a mobile trading app can be a valuable educational tool for newcomers.

Atani Steps Up With A New Mobile Trading App

Propelled forward by affordable internet plans and smartphones, both the Google and Apple stores have seen a flood of mobile trading apps enter their respective ecosystems over the last few years. Several prominent platforms like Binance, Coinmarketcap,, Bybit, AAX, FTX, and a lot more have rolled out mobile apps in sync with their website versions. This transition towards dedicated mobile apps for crypto trading has helped cryptocurrencies garner more mainstream acceptance.

Following this trend, Atani, the all-in-one crypto trading platform on Solana, is also stepping up its game with the new Atani mobile trading app launch. The Android version of the app is live on Google Play. It includes several features like setting market and limit orders, a detailed listing of over 1,500 tokens, portfolio tracking, setting up custom alerts and notifications, advanced trading tools via TradingView, and much more.

Atani has added several new products to its platform this year. In addition to its non-custodial CEX, the platform recently launched the Atani DEX Aggregator on Solana, which offers a myriad of advanced features and trading tools. 

Online mobile trading has opened up users to the global trading arena because it has eliminated geographic and time limitations and has increased the transparency of the capital market. The affordability, time efficiency, and broad reach of mobile trading make it possible for anyone to participate, regardless of occupation, economic background, time constraints, or location.

Accessibility is a prominent factor, especially in a market where things can change in the blink of an eye. As such, mobile trading apps are the future. If you aren’t using one, begin exploring the possibilities to gain a demonstrable edge for your trading portfolio.