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The steepest discounts on gaming PCs and laptops for Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2021

If you forego shopping over the summer and wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to upgrade your PC or build a new one (minus a new graphics card, since they’re impossible to find outside of pre-builts right now), you can save a hundred bucks or more by taking advantage of lots of $10 to $40 discounts on components such as CPUs, RAM, and SSDs.

If you’re the type who always picks the rocket launcher in shooters, however, you may prefer to go for one big Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in a single shot. It’s not necessarily a better way to save money, because giant discounts can be the result of earlier overpricing, and surprising deficiencies can be hidden in specs sheets. Last week we noticed a $3,069.99 gaming PC with a ridiculously small 240GB SSD.