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Tech Business Profile: Mobile Computer Repair

  • Mobile Computer Repair provides specialised repair services for a range of mobile computers and devices
  • It repairs over 850 devices per month with its team of experts
  • The business also makes available high-quality refurbished units



About Mobile Computer Repair

Mobile Computer Repair is a team of dedicated and specialised technicians that repair a range of handheld devices and mobile computers. The team has many years of experience and is able to repair devices to a high standard for their customers. 

From their repair facility in Poole, Dorset, Mobile Computer Repair technicians carry out over 850 repairs each month, and also refurbish old devices to be sold to customers. 

The company’s aim is to offer a complete service that the customer can see every step of the way through the portal on its website. This includes a fast and effective repair process that is backed by a 90-day repair warranty to give customers peace of mind. 

By offering a high-quality service, Mobile Computer Repair has accumulated a number of loyal customers that send their devices to be repaired and take advantage of the business’s flexible maintenance options. 


Devices and computers

Because of their wealth of experience, the teams at Mobile Computer Repair are able to fix a range of different devices including:

  • PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)
  • Mobile computers
  • Data collection terminals
  • Barcode scanners
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Mobile printers

Many of the engineers have worked with some of the major manufacturers and have the knowledge to diagnose and repair a range of devices. This makes their services ideal for the many industry sectors that they serve, including local government, retail, healthcare, and transport. 


Fast and efficient service

When someone sends in a device to be repaired, the team at Mobile Computer Repair scan it into their repair management system. This keeps a record of all the devices that are being worked on at that time. 

They have a web portal where the progress of a repair can be seen at every stage of the process. When the device has had its free assessment, a repair quotation is sent to the customer to approve the repairs. 

If the customer doesn’t want to have the device repaired, it is returned to the customer free of charge. If they approve the repair, then the device is fixed, cleaned, and tested thoroughly before being sent back to the customer. 

The devices are sent securely the next working day under a fully insured service. The invoice is then electronically emailed to the customer. 

With such a comprehensive process from start to finish, customers can rely on the company to deliver a first-class service. 



A-Grade refurbished devices

For those customers that need some additional devices, but don’t want to buy new ones, Mobile Computer Repair can arrange an A-grade refurbished device instead. They are gathered from reliable and trusted sources and undergo rigorous testing. 

All of these devices are tested before they are sold, and have an ‘as-new’ screen and keyboards. All the casings will be in good condition, with only minor cosmetic marks or wear and tear. 

Included is a six-month warranty from the company, which covers manufacturer component failure. 


Repair portal

The company has an online Repair Management Portal that allows customers to send in devices along with tracking the progress of a repair. 

Some of the features that the portal offers customers include the options of: 

  • Logging a new faulty device and generating shipping paperwork
  • Requesting a preferred courier service or booking a collection for a convenient time
  • Managing repairs over multiple sites
  • Seeing the progress of a repair in real-time, including tracking a courier
  • Viewing repair quotes and approving them online


Flexible service options

The Mobile Computer Repair company offers flexible service options for clients so that they can keep their equipment in working order and get their devices repaired quickly if they develop a fault. 

  • Individual repairs – This service offers a fast three-to-five-working-days turnaround time along with a free of charge assessment. There is nationwide collection and delivery as well.
  • Annual maintenance cover – For those customers that want to have the peace of mind of a maintenance plan, the annual maintenance cover option is ideal. The same three-to-five-day repair timeframe, along with the nationwide collection and delivery, apply. The cover also includes all labour, parts, and accidental damage.

Maintenance agreements are flexible to suit the customer and their business. Options include three-month cover for those that just want it for busy seasonal periods. There are also maintenance plans of up to three years available.

Tech Business Profile: Mobile Computer Repair