Talkable, Tapcart Offer In-App Referral Program

Tapcart, a mobile app provider for more than 20,000 Shopify brands, has debuted an integration with referral and loyalty solution provider Talkable to enable eCommerce companies to offer referral programs within their mobile apps, according to a Tuesday (Dec. 14) press release.

Referral programs provide incentives for consumers to invite friends to brands via a preferred social media platform or directly with text message contacts on smartphones, according to the announcement.

The integration is available to Tapcart Enterprise customers and Talkable Enterprise customers.

“Talkable, Tapcart’s newest loyalty integration, gives shoppers the ability to easily share and refer your app with their friends,” said Kenyon Brown, Tapcart product manager. “With it, you can grow your customer base to generate downloads, increase app discoverability with word-of-mouth marketing, offer rewards to shoppers who share your app and boost brand loyalty with current customers.”

Since its founding in 2010, Talkable has developed and implemented referral programs for 250 companies, netting more than $255 million in referral sales for its customers, according to the press release.

Tapcart, which was founded in 2017 by a pair of mobile app veterans, strives to simplify the process for retailers to increase engagement and land more sales. Online retailers can design and implement an on-brand mobile shopping experience within two weeks, PYMNTS reports.

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The availability of mobile app referral programs comes at a time when eCommerce continues an upward trajectory. The PYMNTS Connected Consumer report, which surveyed 3,100 U.S. adults this fall, showed that more than 90% had made an online purchase.

In addition, PYMNTS’ survey found that approximately one-fifth of shoppers now make online retail purchases at least once a week, with 4% of respondents doing so daily. More than 60% of those surveyed said they make online purchases from an eCommerce site, such as Amazon, or Etsy, while more than half said they select the order online and home delivery option.

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