State Controller Seeks IT Services

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A bulwark state fiscal entity is calling for quotes from IT vendors to install several crucial varieties of software.

In a request for quote released recently, the California State Controller’s Office (SCO) asks for a quote on IT services that will include print management, digital security and document composition software, computer server hardware, and on-call repair services. Among the takeaways:

  • SCO seeks a contractor, it said in the RFQ, to “provide delivery, installation and system configuration of print management software, digital security software, document composition software, and computer server hardware” that is compatible with (Canon) Oce Variostream 7550 Twin and Canon Oce Varioprint 6270 MICR Titan printers, plus on-call tech support and on-call remote or on-site server hardware repair services.
  • Among contractor responsibilities, the digital security software must be able to print “(Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) MICR line for warrants with Mod 9 check digit,” with state staff providing source data and the formula for the check digit. “All other security elements will be preprinted on blank warrant stock.” The print management software must be able to consolidate multiple print files, detect duplicates, automate reprinting damages, print barcodes, and be compatible with Oce Variostream 7550 and Canon Titan 6270 MICR printers. The document composition design software must be compatible with Microsoft Windows 10; be able to insert watermarks or emboss; have text formatting functions (entering text, paragraph formatting, text rotation, and indents); be able to scan original PCX, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, VMF, EMF and other documents to be used as templates; and be able to use optical character recognition for importing. The contractor must be able to provide the computer server hardware needed to “run print management software on Intel Core i7 or higher in a standalone server environment with no mainframe connectivity requirements,” and it must be able to handle 200,000-1 million impressions printed per day with an average of 10,000-750,000 impressions per job.
  • The contract term is three years “upon approval of acceptance testing,” though SCO reserves the right to “add funds, update locations, and/or the frequency of services” as it deems necessary. The contract amount is not specified. Work shall not start until the contract has been fully executed. Questions are due by Wednesday, and responses will come Monday. Bids are due by 2 p.m. Jan. 5 and will be evaluated Jan. 6-7. A notice of intent to award is expected Jan. 10, and the anticipated award date is Jan. 19.