Social Media Vocabulary – Language and Slang Corruption

Social Media Vocabulary – Language and Slang Corruption

Never Be Corrupted By Social Media Slang

What is Social Media Slang? Slang are informal terms and language not linked with the conventional/prevalent language we use in modern society.

Social Media Slang is picked up generally from communicating in Social Media. When communicating within Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, you are often introduced a short total of area to relay info to convey to the other consumer included.

Shortcuts, Abbreviations and L337 Communicate are usually concocted from the rapid and short conversation avenues.

Early Social Media Slang

In advance of Twitter and Facebook wall posts and status updates there was AOL and chat rooms with fast messaging.

AOL is recognised for the grand daddy of Internet slang development and was the get started of the early trendsetter of swift shorter interaction shortcuts. L33t Talk and Acronyms ended up greatly utilised again in the AOL days.

L337 Speak experienced AOL buyers writing text like:

// n3 Y = Cash

MiCrOsoFt = Microsoft

4 replaces A, 3 replaces E, 7 replaces T 1 replaces L, and $ replaces S, 13 replaces B are just a several additional examples. L337 communicate is continue to commonly utilised in Video clip Video games nevertheless.

Acronyms or the “Text Chat” is quite preferred continue to as well. Some illustrations are under

U = You 2 = Much too TTYL = Speak to you later on LOL = Laughing out loud 4 = For R = Are O= OH

Corruption of the English Language

With chat rooms and instantaneous messaging slowing losing site visitors and additional and additional buyers are Texting and utilizing Social Networks now to communicate, Web Slang now has remodeled to Social Media Slang.

These are English Teacher’s worst nightmares. These shortcut slang talk can corrupt your Enterprise and Education and learning.

Just simply because its easy to do to just “slang chat” or “text talk”, test to nevertheless practice superior interaction and not fall victim of Social Media Slang. You don’t want to write a proposal for a customer that has this beneath:

“Hello there wut do u want 2 do nowadays? plz permit me know, k, ttyl”

This of training course is pretty unprofessional and can be detrimental to your etiquette. Whilst this appears to be like commons perception more and far more gurus are caught with “Social Media Slang”

Just like with your private profiles, keep your on the web etiquette really specialist as well and do not fall to the corruption of shortcuts and slang.