Social media beatings, on-field wins? Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers take that trade

The world has made the list and the verdict has been rendered: Of the NFL’s four remaining quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo somehow ranks fifth.

In fact, by making it to the NFL’s final four, Garoppolo may be taking even more — to borrow Nick Bosa’s term — crap than he has all season. If that’s even possible.

A social media war was ignited Wednesday when ESPN’s Mina Kimes became the latest commentator to mock Garoppolo’s performance. Former 49er quarterback Jeff Garcia responded by attacking not Kimes’ opinion but the fact that she was a woman talking about football, in the most sexist example of toxic masculinity since, well, at least Tuesday.

As for Jimmy G.? Insider reports say he shrugged, smiled and went back to the game film of Aaron Donald.

Does he care about the critics? He’s in his second NFC Championship Game in three years. In his two healthy seasons as a starter, the only two that he has been able to start more than six games, he has taken his team to the NFC Championship Game both times.

One more win and he will be in his second Super Bowl. Meaning he will have gotten a team as far as it can go in his only two full seasons as a starter.

And yet the venom continues.

How does Garoppolo handle the slings and arrows aimed his way on social media and talk radio? Does he go full-LeBron James and delete his social media apps? Does he exist in a cone of silence?

“Well, friends and family, they always seem to remind me of those things,” Garoppolo said. “I think just knowing yourself and knowing who you are plays a big part of that. Because if you get lost in it and start believing some of those things, it could take you down the wrong road.

“I think it’s just about knowing yourself as a player, as a person. And as long as these guys in this locker room have faith in me and belief in me, that’s all I really care about.”