SeeYoo mobile app for social games gets everyone laughing

SeeYoo mobile app for social games gets everyone laughing

Want to make your online chats with friends and family more fun and interactive? Check out this cool new app for social games.

Video chats are a great way to stay in touch, but a call is just that—a call. It’s time to make online social experiences more interactive, and that’s where the SeeYoo mobile app for social games comes in. It uses your webcam, putting you and your friends in the middle of hilarious games.

It’s easier to connect with friends and family online when you’re all playing a game. Challenge each other to games that test your knowledge, vocabulary, and resources. And, if any of you gets punished, the resulting challenges are hilarious.

A concept example of SeeYoo

Play with opponents on this social game app

Most online social games involve people playing via characters or moving pieces across a virtual board. While those games are fun, you miss out on the personal aspect of seeing another person while you play. The SeeYoo app, on the other hand, uses your device’s camera to show you and your opponents as you play a game.

This way, you get the feeling you’re playing with another person, not just a computer or someone who remains unknown to you. When you can see your opponent’s reactions and react to them in turn, that’s an authentic experience—not just an imagined one.

SeeYoo gameplay video

Enjoy SeeYoo’s easy-to-use interface

Meanwhile, the creators’ concept design of the app’s main page looks intuitive and easy to use. This is important for social games because you want to start playing right away without wasting time trying to figure out the app.

The concept main screen has an area that displays your favorite games. You can also access gaming rooms, start a new game, and view the store, messages, your profile, and more.

Challenge your friends to fun games online with SeeYoo, a mobile app for social games
Gamers playing Mafia on SeeYou

Play a variety of games

Even better, this mobile app for social games has various ones to choose from. The current offerings include Mafia, Painter, Crocodile, Selfie, and Checkers, so it has traditional as well as more creative options.

Each game keeps you competitive. In Painter, you must draw a task before the clock runs out. In Crocodile, you must explain a word using only gestures and movements.

The creators plan to add more games in the future based on user feedback and requests.

See if you can beat your friends on SeeYou

Up the fun factor with punishments

Another feature that makes the SeeYoo app unique is its punishments. If you lose to your opponent in any game, the app punishes you. So your voice will be modified or you’ll have a bald mask over your head while you play.

To up the ante further, these punishments carry over from game to game. For example, if you lose to your friend while playing checkers and your punishment is a higher timbre of voice, you’ll sound that way during the next game you play.

This holds whether you’re playing with a friend or someone new. So you could totally wind up playing checkers with someone you’ve just met while sounding like Alvin the Chipmunk. But that’s part of the fun.

Play SeeYou on any compatible device on the go

Make a photo for your rivals in the Selfie game

Selfie is also an enjoyable game. In it, you try to create a unique photo for your rivals before the clock runs out. You’ll all be amazed by the results.

Text friends as you play

Of course, you’ll want to stay in touch while you play. For that reason, this mobile app for social games also has a messaging feature.

It’s a great way to plan a time to play together. And it’s always fun to send and receive comments mid-game.

Get points for victories

The creators also plan to add points for game victories. Because, if you can be punished for losing, you should be rewarded for winning.

According to the campaign’s Kickstarter page, the plan is for players to spend points in the app store, buying virtual shells that they can toss at opponents during a game. Doing so can throw rivals off a win and get them laughing.

Make your online moments more enjoyable with the SeeYoo mobile app for social games. It’s a must-download application for mobile game enthusiasts and people who want to have better interactions online.

The webcam-based games make the play realistic, and the punishments take you to a whole new level of fun. Enjoy yourself and communicate better with this cool social game app.

Love the SeeYoo app? Become a backer by pledging toward its development on Kickstarter. Pledges start at $15 for 6 months of access. What social games do you play online? Tell us about them in the comments.

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Challenge your friends to fun games online with SeeYoo, a mobile app for social games