PTOP Announces MOBICARD Mobile Apps are now available in both the Apple Store & Google Play Store

PTOP Announces MOBICARD Mobile Apps are now available in both the Apple Store & Google Play Store

Cambridge, MA, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Peer To Peer Network a.k.a MobiCard Inc. (OTC PINK: PTOP) is happy to announce that we are ahead of schedule with our MOBICARD app reinstatement. As of Thursday, of last week, MOBICARD is officially back in both the Google Play Store, and Apple Store. PTOP’s internal tech development team has worked tirelessly for the last three months to build a quality enterprise worthy back-end and reinstate our apps in their Stores. This is a big deal for our development team, given that PTOP can now manage its MOBICARD app completely in-house. We no longer have to go through a third-party to address any app issues or upgrades. This means a faster response time to issues and no red tape for any added functionality/upgrades.

“Our most important objective in this process was to upgrade the MOBICARD app back-end to an enterprise standard. Not only do we have the apps back in the App Stores, but it is also accompanied with the new back-end that we created. This new back-end allows us to pivot our apps to apply other services on the fly, by just adding additional micro-services. This micro-service feature allows for a more versatile app for future functionality and scalability which will seamlessly pair with our upcoming new user interface,” stated CTO Nicholis Santana.

PTOP is moving on completely from its former third-party development team and will decide in early 2022 if we choose to seek any reimbursement or take other actions.

Now in the App Stores as MOBICARD with a trademark symbol next to the name in the upper right-hand corner the app immediately looks more professional.

IMPORTANT for shareholders and former users:

YOU MUST DELETE THE OLD MOBICARD APP FROM YOUR PHONE and REINSTALL THE NEW APP FROM YOUR APP STORE. You can then use the email log in, or magic link login to restore your old account (Log in screen). To shareholders who have not yet downloaded the MOBICARD app you should do it today. We plan to give a report in early January of the number of active users that we have. We have over 2,500 shareholders. So, if everyone signs up, we should be well over that number, especially once we add the other enterprise accounts that we plan to roll out. This should benefit PTOP, as once we announce the number of users, we will be able to begin the process of monetizing the apps through the targeted advertising functionality on the bottom of the free cards through mobile marketing spots on our mobile apps. The more users MOBICARD has, the more revenue we should be able to generate from our mobile marketing ability. If you (reading this article), want to increase the possible value of the company, you can. Simply sign up and create your own MOBICARD today. Mobile marketing is the multichannel promotion of products or services through mobile phone, mobile devices, smartphones, and networks. Mobile marketing channels are the fastest growing means to connect with the audience since customers check text messages more frequently than emails.

With the ongoing shift from traditional to the digital platform, it has been more flexible for the online retailers to generate their leads (B2C) by using the branding and advertising strategy with the help of the different mobile devices. The Mobile Marketing Market was valued at USD 66.42 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 253.40 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 25% over the forecast period 2021 – 2026. Mobile marketing is emerging as the most effective marketing technique via which enterprises can engage with its customer at any time of the day regardless of the location. Only Mobile Apps have these abilities. MOBICARD does not have any competitors with mobile apps in the digital card space. As best of breeds in the digital card space, MOBICARD believes it will be an easy task to take market share from anyone who will dare compete with us as the 1st and only digital business card in the app stores. Mobile advertising is one of the largest if not the #1 growth sector in our economy, and we look forward to being able to start to get involved in this activity next year. The MOBICARD mobile apps functionality gives MOBICARD a clear advantage over our competitors and differentiates us from the old dinosaur web apps that cannot utilize mobile marketing, to their advantage. MOBICARDs Mobile apps allow for so many advantages. SIGN UP FOR MOBICARD TODAY.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I am super excited to be entering a new phase for the company ahead of schedule. I wanted to under promise and over deliver so for now we will celebrate this key milestone. However, our focus will shift as we need to complete a new beta test program as we had tried to do before. As far as I am concerned, we never got the chance to fully beta test the app’s last time, and the lack of completion is what caused me to seek out the new internal technology team. We will seek out the old beta testers to begin to beta test after we have implemented the new front-end changes that my vision for the company intends. Moreover, major e-commerce giants are using mobile marketing strategies to generate a recurring source of income, increase their customer loyalty, and acquisition which will help them to improve the bottom line of their businesses. Our mobile apps allow us to serve this market through our advertising functions. This is the key to generating the bulk of our future revenues.” Chairman & CEO Joshua Sodaitis commented.

The next phase for MOBICARD will be the internal code sprint to complete implementing the new wire frame and the new front end look and functionality. This new development process is set to begin soon and is anticipated to be completed sometime in January. This new phase will create an elegant user-friendly interface which coincides with the flow of what PTOP intended the apps to have originally. In addition, PTOP will add new functionality that is intended to keep users on the app for longer periods of time, which PTOP’s CTO anticipates will increase the valuation of the application. There will be a number of new functions, that will be aimed at keeping MOBICARD the superior app in this space as best of brands. These new functions will be debuted when the next phase of development is completed. Just one example of the new functions will be aimed at the enterprise account users (large companies) will have the ability to sign themselves and their employees up without the aid of a MOBICARD employee.

The current screenshots of the new interface can be previewed on our CTO’s Twitter at @nicholissantana. They will also be posted to MOBICARDS other social media sites later today & tomorrow.

PTOP MOBICARD (otc: PTOP) (@freemobicard) / Twitter will be hosting its 2nd TwitterSpaces on this Thursday 11/11/21 at 6pm EST to have an open development discussion and help people sign up for the apps.

“MOBICARD is the 1st digital business card company with mobile apps in the Apple store & Google Play Store. The genius of the MOBICARD is that it is extremely affordable and highly efficient. Everyone who reads this article should sign up for free today. It will take you less time to create your MOBICARD than it will to read this article. The cost benefit ratio of the MOBICARD “Digital Footprint” is far superior to any other product that is remotely similar. By adopting MOBICARD, companies can aggressively communicate their product or organizational vision in a way that has not been possible previously. Using an electronic contact card, representatives of each business or organization can share the vision of their institution with hundreds of contacts in a very short period of time. What used to be very slow and laborious by requiring a person-to-person contact, now can be accomplished quickly and remotely using MOBICARD, a revolutionary and highly dynamic electronic medium. There has never been a better time to invest in MOBICARD in my opinion,” concluded Chairman & CEO Joshua Sodaitis.

Contact Info:

Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO
45 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 1-617-651-2460
Email: [email protected]


Peer to Peer Network aka MOBICARD is the 1st of its kind digital contact/business card. It will greatly facilitate the ability of individuals and businesses to share information and more effectively expand their visibility and brand awareness. MOBICARD is a combination of powerful mobile apps and desktop apps with wide ranging capabilities, including linking video’s, user websites, all forms of contact information, and all of each user’s social media links into one consolidated source. It is more than just a digital business card; it’s a “dynamic digital footprint.” A subscriber can custom create their business card to include a company logo, profile photo, contact details, website, audio messaging, social media links and multi-media content. The platform sharing and alert system enables users to share their card via text/SMS, e-mail, and global social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The system provides the user instant text alerts when their card is opened or shared to third party referrals all while building an invaluable database of contact leads.

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