PrimeXBT Launches New iOS Mobile App

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Looking to take your derivatives trading with you when you leave the house? Alternatively, perhaps you are following an amazing copy trading strategy and want to keep an eye on your profits. PrimeXBT users who use iOS-based devices can now do exactly that with the new app that has just launched. Read on to learn how to get the app, why it’s such a good choice, and how to always stay on top of your trading. 

How to Get the App 

First, the basics. To find the PrimeXBT app in the App Store, just search the name—it pops up immediately. Alternatively, you can follow this link to access it directly. Once you’ve installed it, setting it up is very easy: either sign in or set up a trading account and you’re ready to go. If you need to open your account first, you will have to provide your email address and phone number, as well as set up a secure password. Logging in is even simpler: all you need to enter is the email address and the password associated with your account.  

Before you can start trading, you need to fund your account. Luckily, this is as intuitive as everything else in the app. Just head to the Deposit option and copy your address to the wallet you’re sending the funds from. Of course, be sure to double check that you’ve copied the address properly—once the funds are sent, there is no retrieving them in case they end up somewhere else. Follow the same steps to withdraw your funds—except for the fact that this is done through the Withdraw option! 

The app is extremely straightforward and easy to use. Making trades is only a few clicks (or touches in the case of a smartphone) away, and the options you might want to use (like stop loss and take profit) are easily found in case you want to add those. Of course, you may prefer not to, in which case there is simply no need to bother with them at all. 

What Are the Benefits? 

The app can do everything that the online platform of PrimeXBT can do, but it has the added advantage of being mobile, which means you can bring your whole portfolio with you wherever you go. The app has its Covesting copy trading module integrated; it doesn’t matter whether you follow an experienced trader’s strategy or you have your own up and running with a number of followers, you can keep an eye on the numbers even if you’re unable to access the desktop version.  

The same is true for trading. If you’re stuck somewhere but want to take advantage of the market as soon as you can, or if you’re simply too often on the go to bother with desktop versions, the app offers truly everything that the platform does. Additionally, it is streamlined enough that the mobile version is not cluttered at all, even though it has all the same options—just that some of them are neatly tucked away so it does not get too overpowering. 

However, some of the best advantages are the simplest ones. There are no system overloads which means no server downtime—no matter what happens, you will always be able to access your portfolio. Should you get stuck, their customer service is reachable 24/7 through a live chat. Plus, with tight spreads starting at 0 and advanced order types available, PrimeXBT offers everything that traders of all levels could possibly need.