Noida-based Panache Softech drives the integration of Softwares & digital marketing in India’s upcoming startups and businesses

Oct 06, 2021 13:42 IST

New Delhi [India], October 5 (ANI/SRV Media): As technologies and industries continue to evolve, the advancements in various fields have led to the integration of multiple sectors within each other.
Rapid digitalization has further allowed owners to take their business operations online in order to connect with a much wider consumer base and gather varied data for research and development for their entrepreneurial ventures.
However, these evolving brands continue to face major challenges in establishing themselves in the market due to the lack of successful digital marketing. Founded in 2013, Panache Softech Pvt. Ltd. is amongst one of the rapidly growing IT companies that aim to provide specialized digital marketing services to startups, businesses, independent, and individual projects. They focus on using innovative ideas to create well-thought-out marketing strategies for their clients to expand and develop their business with their in-house experts from various domains in the field of marketing.
The company was founded by a qualified & experienced professionals to help brands establish a good digital marketing strategy that allows for a company to create their own unique “brand personality” and further establish a connection and accessibility with their customers in real-time, maintaining consumer loyalty which is essential for operating in the long run.
To keep up with the peaking digital marketing industry in the last decade, HikeMyTraffic is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, SEM, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Brand Management and Internet Reputation Management.
With over 8 years of experience, the agency has been a one-stop personalized web traffic solution to help brands and businesses across India promote their products and services. With a team of over 16 members, HikeMyTraffic has successfully personalized solutions for 89 clients across 4 continents at affordable prices. is one of Panache Softech’s subsidiaries that focuses on email marketing and provides their clients with a range of services such as SMTP servers, Bulk Email Servers and Bulk Email services.
Digitalaka is one of the top-notch Bulk Email Service provider along with their affordable SMTP server services that work for both commercial and transactional emails and aims to provide a fast, secure and reliable SMTP mail server hosting experience to help clients drive revenue, generate leads and increase sales. Clients can send thousands of emails in a single click through the dedicated and customizable server to enhance brand value by establishing long-lasting relations with customers.
XPress Email Verifier is a verification service provider for email verification and email data validation. The software processes thousands of emails every minute through 3 different verification techniques such as the address syntax check, mail domain existence and response check from SMTP to accurately determine the active status of their email database. With the ability to detect invalid, catch-all, valid, unknown and risky emails, XEV provides a complete SMTP mailbox check with a comprehensive detailed report to reduce bounce rates by 98%.
The Professional Institute of Marketing & Strategy (PIMS), is a training institute that was established to meet the growing demand for digital marketing experts. Training 5500+ students, PIMS provides a trusted certification in internet marketing covering key areas in marketing strategies over 32+ modules.
PIMS has collaborated with over 15 different colleges and universities, conducting informative seminars and workshops, grooming their students with the guidance of expert entrepreneurs, professionals and mentors. The rise in demand has opened several opportunities across industries and PIMS aims to assist their students with job placements and career guidance. Further, the diploma certificate is also valid for points toward Canada, Australia and New Zealand immigration.
Panache Softech continues to serve a wide client base worldwide across various sectors from FMCG to services, to nonprofits. The company plans to expand via their subsidiaries and train more than 15,000 students, conduct workshops in over 20 universities and organize more than 1000 seminars in the next five years through PIMS.
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