national cancer survivors day here are some mobile apps that can be helpful to former patients

National Cancer Survivors Day: Here are Some Mobile Apps that Can be Helpful to Former Patients

For National Cancer Survivors Day, here are some mobile apps that can be helpful for former patients.

Cancer is a terrible and life-threatening complication. Each case and scenario varies differently from one person to another depending on a lot of factors. These mobile apps are only a tool to help you for informational purposes only. When feeling something strange, or wanting to try out a recommended activity or medication, always consult your physician first.

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We are celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day by giving you these recommended mobile apps to assist you better with your health, wellness, and healing journey.

Apps for Cancer Patients and Survivors

The Living With Cancer app is a mobile application developed by Pfizer’s Oncology. This is a free app that can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store for free. The app has numerous functions and features to help patients and people who are giving support to their loved ones.

By downloading this app, you can get daily motivation, inspiration, affirmation, and real-life stories from other people’s experiences. This also allows tracking to be easier since it has a feature that allows you to track both your pain level and mood. This can also record your sleep and your steps. It also has features to help you with your daily tasks and helps you make the most of your doctor’s appointment.

Another app that we recommend is Cancer.Net Mobile. Cancer.Net is a mobile application that can be downloaded on mobile devices running the iOS and Android operating systems. The application gives users access to a comprehensive set of tools that can assist them in managing their cancer care, as well as reliable, oncologist-approved information.

This app was developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. This has always been well known for reliable information and has won multiple awards.

The app features tracking of symptoms. It will note the date, time, and severity of the symptom.

This also has a great feature that will be beneficial to a lot of users: the log medication tab. You can input your medications, the dosage, the time, the frequency, and it also sets a reminder.

This mobile app also has a generous library of information called the Get Information section. In addition to the most recent videos, podcasts, and blog articles from the Cancer.Net website, these up-to-date guides cover 125 different types of cancer and cover topics such as therapy, managing side effects, the cost of care, and living with cancer.

Not only is this available in English, but the app is also available in Spanish.

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ChemoWave is a free app developed together with the Cancer.Net team. This app will help you with your daily activities such as tracking your eating, water intake, mood, sleeping, and steps or exercises. For your health, it helps patients and caregivers track medication, symptoms, treatments, and appointments.

Furthermore, the app can record the patient’s ongoing symptoms and condition. With that, you can discover new information about yourself with the use of AI-powered personal insights that are generated based on connections between your symptoms, emotions, and treatment actions.

This one is a top mobile health application that has been supported by scientific assessment as an excellent tool for tracking patient-reported outcomes for cancer patients.

ChemoWave gives people battling cancer access to their own personal insights, which enables them to collaborate more effectively with their physicians or other members of their care team to better control the negative side effects and symptoms of their treatment.

Important Note: When downloading mobile apps about your health and wellness, given the fact that you have a cancer diagnosis, exercise caution and be wary of taking recommendations unless approved by your physicians and specialists.

Additionally, be sure that the apps that you are using are credible, accurate, and reliable, backed by scientific research and evidence. The recommended apps above will be helpful for your day-to-day living, especially if you use the data gathered to work closely with your physicians to better understand your current health status.

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