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Microsoft Office 2021 Only $13.32, Windows 10 at $6.21 (Free Upgrade To Windows 11)

Note: All these keys are permenant, legal versions. The low price of these keys is due to the fact that they are usually sold with a PC. This resale practice has been legalized by the European Court of Justice.

Windows OS and Microsoft Office are basically two essential software for a computer. Windows OS ensures the safe and efficient operation of the computer system, and Office 2021 can help you improve your work productivity! Just buying them is a lot of money. The good news is that Godeal24 is increasing its discount offer! Let you buy Windows and Office at the best price!The licenses sold by Godeal24 are perpetual licenses. This means that their use is not time-limited: after purchasing a license and activating it, you can use it indefinitely!

Let’s start with the most commonly used Windows, now the most classic Windows 10 and the latest version of Windows 11 are 50% off! Windows 10 Pro as low as $6.21 per PC! A wide variety of software categories to choose from, Windows 10 Home, Windows 11 Pro, and more!

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The Microsoft Office suite offered by Godeal24 includes the Word-Excel-PowerPoint trio, as well as other productivity software such as Outlook or OneNote to name a few. They’re available for life, you don’t need a monthly paid subscription, and the latest Office 2021 Pro is as low as $13.32/PC! It’s not a joke, it’s an offer tailored just for you! There are more combinations to choose from to meet your arbitrary needs!

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If you want to upgrade your Windows and Office at the same time, bundle must be the best deal! Just use coupon code “SGO62” to get 62% off!

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220520 720p gd24

In addition, Godeal24’s rich catalog also includes various types of computer tool software, including Ashampoo Photo Commander 16, Wise Care 365, Adguard, iObit series software, etc., which can fully meet your software needs, Godeal24 is 100% authentic!

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Is Godeal24 legit?

Many users are very excited about the low price offered by Godeal24, but question why the price is so low? More importantly, is this true? You can rest assured that this is the real deal because the licenses sold by Godeal24 are OEM licenses. Since some don’t use their license anymore, they resell it to Godeal24 at a low price, Godeal24 checks it before resale, Godeal24 clearly knows the “history” of each license, so Godeal24 makes sure that every license sold licenses are safe to use! On the Godeal24 website, you can find different offers on Microsoft Office or the latest version of Windows. Used licenses are dematerialized, which means there is no delivery cost. In addition to capping costs, this allows users to use their new licenses within minutes of purchase. There is no subscription required for this software: your purchase lasts for life!

Godeal24 has achieved great success among the public with professional, fast service, tracked payments and money-back guarantee. In addition, the technical support team is available before and after the user’s purchase, not only to solve any problems, but also to recommend which versions of Windows to buy, and to provide lifetime after-sales service, which is a promise that many stores are difficult to give. With its high-quality software and professional services, Godeal24 has obtained a 4.9 rating and a 98% satisfaction rating on TrustPilot (which is an independent platform for users to evaluate service and product quality), which is the affirmation and recognition of Godeal24 by users!Contact Email: [email protected]

How to activate the Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus key:

  1. Download the file using the official download link.
  2. Unzip the file with software such as WinZip.
  3. Click the Settings Launcher in the unzipped folder.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the installation.
  5. Run any Office App and redeem the key to activate Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus.

How to pay using PayPal or Credit Card?

You can pay using PayPal by the following method:

  • Go to the checkout screen and continue as a guest (or make an account).
  • You will only get the Cwalletco option by default in the “Payment Information” tab – click continue.
  • Go to “Order Review” in the checkout screen and click “Place Order”
  • Click on “Choose Payment Method” and then click on “Process Order”
  • You will be shown a screen with various payment options, you can now use Paypal or CreditCard (also through Paypal)
  • Keys may take up to 24 business hours to be delivered.

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