Microsoft Edge plays dirty to deter users from downloading Chrome — check out the shady new pop-ups

Microsoft is fed up with Windows users using the Edge as an on-ramp to download Google Chrome. After typing in “Chrome” into Edge’s search engine, the following invasive message appears: “There’s no need to download a new web browser.” However, this must not be effective enough because the Redmond-based tech giant is ramping up efforts to deter users from downloading the Google web crawler.

Neowin spotted new, cheeky anti-Google pop-ups that aim to dissuade Edge users from jumping ship. One sassy message says, “This browser is so 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge.” Even though Edge may arguably be a better browser, out of sheer spite, I suspect many users will continue to download Chrome with an air of defiance. No one likes to be bossed around.