International Web and Mobile App Development Firm TH-EY Prepares to Celebrate 5 Years of All-Remote Operations

International Web and Mobile App Development Firm TH-EY Prepares to Celebrate 5 Years of All-Remote Operations

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2021 / TH-EY is a software development company that helps clients achieve their goals by providing bespoke solutions based on their specific requirements. Established in 2017 by Wojciech Soczyński and Filip Kubala, two long-time software developers who quit their corporate jobs to pursue careers as freelancers, TH-EY has evolved over the years into an agency that’s delivered successful web applications, mobile apps, and integrations for a wide variety of different companies across a range of different industries.

The TH-EY story: 2.5 decades of inspiration

TH-EY is the by-product of founder Wojciech’s unconventional childhood in Poland, during which he was always seen as the ‘strange kid’ who was into the technology of all shapes and sizes, well before it became a common feature of everyday life. Starting with an old Atari 130xe that ran on tapes and 5.25″ floppies, Wojciech quickly gained a reputation as someone who could fix computers and eventually decided to study computer science at university.

After a couple of years working on PHP and Java projects at companies from to Sabre, Wojciech moved to London, where he worked first for JP Morgan, and then for BlackRock. Through these experiences, he gained the knowledge he needed to understand how a company should be run – and what pitfalls they face – and left BlackRock to start freelancing. A few short months later, after he’d found some clients, TH-EY was officially incorporated, and the rest was history.

As a permanently remote company, there are a lot of things they’ve had to learn, but the most important thing is that happy customers are the best advertisement. Teams that don’t have to commute to an office and that are given the freedom to work when and where they want are able to spend more time delivering meaningful work, keeping up with software trends, and raising the bar for the whole industry.

Now, in a world where the pandemic has changed quite a lot about attitudes to remote work, TH-EY is poised to ride the wave, and help future unicorns in industries from education and shopping to fitness and medtech smash their development targets, knowing they’ve got a trusted technical partner by their side every step of the way.

Keeping things personal and creating value remotely

While many companies have struggled with the remote working revolution, it’s always been a permanent part of TH-EY’s DNA, and much of their ongoing success can be attributed to their remote communication skills. Using these skills, Wojciech and his team are able to ensure that they always understand each new client’s background, goals, and technical requirements in their individual business contexts, from day 1.

By consistently focusing on moving past the often ingrained bias that many agencies have, in which it’s assumed that clients and solution providers have had the same experience, they’ve been able to elevate the level of the relationships they’ve cultivated. Whether on a Zoom call or an in-person meeting, the TH-EY team always infuses every interaction with a personal touch.

For TH-EY, the most exciting part of growing, from their early days as a 2-person startup to a global agency with a team of over 30 people, has been the range of unique challenges they’ve got to face with each new contract. Many companies they work with want to solve complex problems with the most streamlined solutions possible.

In a nutshell, the leaner the solution, the better it is for the client. TH-EY prides itself on its ability to solve problems – which has improved exponentially as each new hire has brought their own expertise to the team – as well as its knack for efficiently creating final deliverables that include the maximum amount of features listed in the original design plan.

It’s not come without its challenges, either. Over almost half a decade, it’s the act of taking responsibility for others that’s never been easy. Growing a client base isn’t just about scaling the company and making a profit. It’s also about making sure that the employees they hire have something meaningful to do, and paying them well for good work.

That doesn’t mean the customers aren’t the focus, though. Many of them are startups, which means involving the third party can make or break them financially. However, through delivering software that fulfills (and often exceeds) client expectations, TH-EY is able to ensure founders never have to worry about personal bankruptcy if things go south.

What comes next?

Looking back on the early days, founder Wojciech remains amazed at how far TH-EY has come. Expanding each and every year, their 30+ strong remote team has stayed resilient and loyal through thick and thin. As they move into the second half of their first decade of existence, their goal is to continue growing as a business while doing something good for society as a whole.

Indeed, while many companies can find some sort of success with a good marketing strategy and a sales team, TH-EY’s approach is guided by the desire to turn profit into progress, both for people and for the planet. Sitting at the helm of TH-EY, Wojciech sees Elon Musk as a kindred spirit, moving humanity forward in some way with each new breakthrough. And while both operate on very different scales, TH-EY has proven that a remote-only culture can still create massive results – a breakthrough worth celebrating, as the year comes to a close.

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