Influencers are invited to become ‘metapreneurs’ as social media moves to Web 3.0

The reality is Gen Z is spending eight hours or more on their phones, engaging with their favorite content creators on Meta (previously known as Facebook), YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. This is partly why influencer marketing has been so impactful in meeting consumers where they are.

As more time was spent on these platforms, many content creators quickly recognized the impact they could have on an audience that looked to them for advice. The result is that those who were quick to adapt later gained a first-mover advantage, as they turned their niche into an active platform for doing business. 

However, as social media shifted from photos to short videos and personal content to business, another trend is shaping how people and brands will be able to interact with their audience. The metaverse.

As it is currently positioned, the metaverse will hold the potential to give creators a whole new aspect of interaction and communication as they gain new opportunities to work with other creators and reach new audiences. For creators, the question now becomes not if they will shift to the metaverse, but when will they do so. After all, nobody wants to be the business still figuring out Instagram Reels while the world moves on to the metaverse.

Metafluence is an early pioneer looking to bridge the current gap between influencer marketing and the metaverse. By producing this gateway, content creators can easily transition while also benefiting from the solutions this team provides based on current influencer marketing limitations. Among the most prominent are brands paying lower than industry rates, difficulty in tracking total compensation as a piece of content is used repeatedly for the brand, uncertainty about the credibility of an unknown or new brand, to name a few.

Recognizing these unmet needs, Metafluence proposes a solution to these challenges by leveraging blockchain technology and the metaverse to help influencers, brands and other audiences engage with each other in the next iteration of the internet. As their team describes it: 

“Metafluence enables influencers to monetize their social media power and creativity in the metaverse.”

The benefit is that audiences can engage in real-time discussions and other interactive activities, while businesses can be more effective in influencer marketing tactics. To bring this to life, investment firms including DCI Capital, Vietunicorn, Sheesha Finance, CRT Capital, Interstellar Ventures and Girnas Capital, among others, have already invested in the project.

A city where influencers rule

The Metafluence platform is currently being incubated by the venture capital firm specializing in blockchain technology, Master Ventures. This engagement is set to continue over the next two years and is among a number of other partnerships the team has under their belt.

With a shared goal, the name Metafluence will come to represent the name of a single city in the metaverse, one that social media influencers will control. The city itself will comprise influencer homes, also known as Metahuts, which can be customized based on the influencers’ choice. Custom spaces will provide an added opportunity for influencers to better monetize their audience and continue engaging closer with brands.

Additionally, these huts can act as a storefront for influencers to share their digital artwork and other NFTs, providing new monetization and engagement opportunities. Influencers may also choose to come together in Metaclans as they collaborate for maximized reach and other strategic collaborations or participate in public and private virtual events.

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Since influencer marketing is a three-way street, Metafluence is also looking at improving the experience on the brand side by providing capabilities of influencer discovery, performance-based campaigns and analytics. The result will be longer-lasting, mutually beneficial engagements.

The audiences of well-known content creators and brands are also an integral part of the influencer marketing triangle. In Metafluence, audiences will be able to engage with influencers through Metahuts or other community engagements.

Building a future for ‘metapreneurs’

The Metafluence team has already taken significant strides towards creating an influencer-centric ecosystem that will soon become the basis for content creators to become metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs). By addressing influencer, brand and audience challenges, the team creates a virtual ecosystem in which all parties can thrive in a Web 3.0 environment.

Metafluence has since announced strategic partnerships with Arize, DigiCorp, Decubate and Ikonic and onboarded the founder of Sheesha Finance, Saeed Al Darmaki, as one of the project’s advisors.

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