How To Improve Item Levels In FFXIV Dawntrail?

FFXIV Dawntrail will be officially released on July 2 this year, and many people can’t wait to try this game. Whether you are interested in the new setting, cool new jobs or large-scale graphics changes, you can find new fun here.

But if you’re just trying to get through the main storyline, you’ll run into two common obstacles: lonely single-player quests and a low item level (IL) average. First, a low IL will directly affect your stats, such as when fighting three mobs, it will be more difficult. However, once you enter the first dungeon, your low IL will become a problem because all the main quests will have strict IL minimum average requirements.

In short, if your FFXIV Items are not good enough, you can’t actually complete most of FFXIV’s main quests. But there is a way out. If you have a lot of time to grind, IL is a wonderful solution.

If you really want to prepare for the new expansion and don’t want to spend too much FFXIV Gil, this guide will tell you how to improve item levels and prompt you to start as early as possible.

Dawntrail Required Item Level

Thankfully, there seems to be a rule regarding IL required for the first dungeon of each FFXIV expansion: your IL needs to be 10 higher than the main story dungeon in the previous patch. For example, if the final Shadowbringers dungeon requires an IL of 360, the first Endwalker dungeon would need an IL of 370.

The average for main story quests in the latest Endwalker patch is 625, and IL for dropped gear is 635. So using that rule we can figure out that the first dungeon in Dawntrail will require IL 630.

It may sound easy, but it’s a bit trickier in practice. Remember that the minimum IL in a dungeon is an average, and by the definition of an average in math, that means the average of all 10 items you equip needs to be at the specified IL. It is not possible to obtain sufficient gear and FF14 Gil to meet IL requirement in just a few playthroughs.

The dungeons listed below in this guide are good places to go to get your FFXIV Dawntrail item level up, but it’s recommended that you explore other options, and the more you can.

Item Level 635 – Lunar Subteranne

As with previous expansions, it’s safe to say that Lunar Subteranne, like previous final-patch dungeons, will give you gear above the minimum level of the next dungeon. You can find a variety of level 635 items in many of the chests in this dungeon, including armor and accessories, as well as various materials.

If you are running Expert Roulettes, you will also get a few items from this stuff, as well as many Tomestones of Comedy and Causality, so do not think it is not worth your time. On the contrary, it is.

The worst-case scenario is that you pick up accompanying loot, but once you get something better, you can throw that one into your Glamour Dresser or just deal with it.

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Item Level 640 – Diadochos, Anabaseios Normal Raid

According to the law just mentioned, level 640 gear should get you through the first three dungeons and at least one trial. Technically, Diadochos gear is probably the easiest to get of the three, assuming you are still crafting it.

If you have been grinding the normal tier raid Anabaseios recently, it is also offering gear of higher levels. The game recently lifted the restrictions on loot from this tier, so you can go in and take whatever you want as you please.

As you get deeper into Dawntrail, it’ll also require higher-level gear to replenish, so it is worth replenishing some high-level gear here.

Item Level 650 – Credendum Gear

If you start grinding when you see this guide, you can at least grind 4760 Tomestones of Comedy, which will give you all Credendum gear. Don’t worry, assuming you’re starting from scratch, the weekly cap is 900, so it will take you six weeks to grind in order to get all Credendum gear.

Gear with an average IL of 650 or above will probably last you until about the middle of the expansion but not forever, especially as higher-level items start to improve their stats. You’ll want to start stocking up at least by the time of the last dungeon, but the sooner the better.

IL 660 – Augmented Credendum gear

Now that we are at the end of a patch cycle, it is easier than ever to upgrade Credendum gear to Augmented tier. However, it is important to note that a few patches ago, you also had to beat the Savage tier of Pandaemonium: Anabaseios to get this gear, but they tend to offer more options at the end of the expansion.

You can upgrade Credendum gear in a few ways, but all upgrades require Divine Shine for the left armor or Divine Twine for the right accessories. Both items require a lot of grinding to get.

However, don’t give up on increasing Credendum gear despite the difficulty of grinding. You need to know that Augmented Credendum gear can get your items up to level 660, which will make it very likely that you will pass the required dungeon at level 99. This means that you can just pick up the job gear for the finale.

IL 665 (Weapon Only) – Manderville Relic Weapons

Technically, this Relic Weapon is the easiest to pick up in this guide for its high IL, but the problem is that you need to have almost reached the cap of Tomestones of Causality for three consecutive weeks. However, do not worry, the requirements are very simple.

All you need to do is complete Endwalker Manderville storyline, which includes the last trial duty. As the game progresses, you will lock in Manderville Weapons, Relic Weapons, in this expansion. This is also the highest IL item in each expansion that you can get without doing Savage trial.

After learning these ways to increase item levels, are you looking forward to the upcoming FFXIV Dawntrail? I hope this guide can help you in the subsequent game process, and I wish you have a happy game.