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Ready for summer? So are we. Whether your plans involve the beach, the pool, barbecues, or a bit of everything, these gadgets will take them to the next level.

Memorial Day is in 2 weeks, and you know what that means: summer is almost here. And, of course, you want to enjoy the longer, sunnier days to their fullest. That’s where these awesome gadgets for summer 2022 come in because they’re sure to enhance your fun.

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Love summer bonfires? Enjoy them without the harmful smoke when you bring the BioLite FirePit+. It produces less smoke than the typical firepit, and you can control the flames from your smartphone.

If you love spending time on the water, check out the SipaBoards Drive Collection. These electric boards have built-in motors for safety backup, keeping you on the water longer.

Have a fabulous summer, no matter your plans, with these cool gadgets for summer 2022.

1. The Finis Smart Goggle displays your laps, set time, splits, and more, giving you real-time data at the corner of the lens.

Finis Smart Goggle on a person

Know exactly how far you swim this summer with the Finis Smart Goggle. It displays your swimming stats while you’re in the water but won’t distract you from your training since the info rests at the corner of the lens.

Get it for $199 on the official website.

2. The BioLite FirePit+ smokeless bonfire lets you enjoy a summer evening campfire with way less smoke than the typical firepit.

BioLite FirePit+ video

Enjoy your summer bonfires with less smoke when you go for the BioLite FirePit+ smokeless bonfire. The 12,800 mAh battery runs for 30 hours while 51 airjets add oxygen to the fire in specific locations to improve combustion. Plus, you can control the flame and see the battery life from the smartphone app.

Get it for $299.95 on the official website.

3. The SipaBoards Drive Collection electric jet-powered SUPs let you enjoy the water without worrying about winds, currents, or changing tides.

SipaBoards Drive Collection in water

Spend more time on the water this summer with the SipaBoards Drive Collection electric jet-powered SUPs. Each of the boards features a built-in motor, giving you backup power to return to shore if the weather changes.

Get it for about $2,412 on the official website.

4. The Audio Pro A15 water-resistant speaker is waterproof and stylish. Use it indoors or poolside for audio you can take with you this summer.

Audio Pro A15 on a table

Need a portable speaker for the summer? Go for the Audio Pro A15 water-resistant speaker. It’s versatile with its multiroom sound and multiperson usage. You can even save your favorite playlists, while the IPX2 rating means it can withstand light rain and splashes.

Get it for about $396 on the official website.

5. The Honeywell Dasher electric foldable bike has a lightweight frame that folds in seconds. It’s your ideal bike to explore the city and nature this summer.

Honeywell Dasher video

Want to try eBiking this summer? The Honeywell Dasher electric foldable bike is a great option with its lightweight, easy-to-fold frame. And, with 5 levels of pedal assist, it won’t make you overexert yourself in hot weather.

Get it for $1,399 on the official website.

6. The BenQ GV30 smart Bluetooth projector lets you enjoy cinematic movies indoors and under the stars with its portable, wireless design.

BenQ GV30 projecting a movie

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor movie on a summer evening. And, when you have the BenQ GV30 smart Bluetooth projector, you can screen your favorite films in the backyard, on your driveway, or at your vacation rental all summer long, making it one of the most awesome gadgets for summer 2022.

Get it for $540.44 on Amazon.

7. The Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series photography drones track your subjects, elevating your videos and photos of vacations and outdoor adventures.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series drones

Serious about your summertime aerial photography? The Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series photography drones take it to the next level. Both the EVO Nano+ and the EVO Nano weigh just 249 grams and have subject-tracking features.

Get one for $949 on the official website.

8. The Ninja CREAMI frozen treat maker whips up customizable ice cream, milkshakes, sorbets, and more using your favorite ingredients.

Ninja CREAMI with frozen treats

Create frozen foods customized to your tastes with the Ninja CREAMI frozen treat maker. It lets you turn pretty much any ingredient into a frozen item and gives you complete control of things like sugar and dairy. The 1-touch programs make the process simple.

Get it for $199.99 on the official website.

9. The AKASO Brave 8 4K waterproof action camera takes underwater footage up to 196 feet below the surface, documenting your dives.

AKASO Brave 8 4K in water

Capture your dives in stunningly colorful detail with the AKASO Brave 8 4K waterproof action camera. Its 48 MP images and effects like Super 16x Slow-Mo help you tell powerful stories. Meanwhile, its waterproofing up to 60 m with its case means it’s ready for your water adventures.

Get it for $279.99 on the official website.

10. The DOOGEE CR1Pro GPS smartwatch features 14 integrated sports modes, helping you monitor your workouts this summer.

DOOGEE CR1Pro GPS on a wrist

Exercise better during the warm months with the DOOGEE CR1Pro GPS smartwatch. It keeps an eye on your health throughout exercises like swimming, running, hiking, weight lifting, and yoga. You can even set it to send you reminders throughout the day.

Get it for $59.99 on the official website.

Summer 2022 will be awesome, especially when these cool gadgets are part of your plans. Which ones will you add to your wish list? Let us know in the comments.

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Get ready for summer with these awesome gadgets