gadget battle xiaomi vs huawei which is a better chinese smartphone brand

Gadget Battle: Xiaomi vs Huawei–Which is a Better Chinese Smartphone Brand?

Chinese smartphone brands are slowly catching up with their Western counterparts. The likes of Apple and Samsung have indeed become the usual powerhouses when it comes to mobile device production and quality.

For instance, Huawei and Xiaomi, both companies that came from China, have been showing off lately.

The two smartphone companies are releasing quality mobile devices, but which one is better?

Xiaomi’s Annual Report About Smartphone Production

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Between Xiaomi and Huawei, which do you think is the better Chinese smartphone brand? Let’s find out.

Arriving at the final buzzer for the best smartphone brand in China could be tricky, that’s why we narrow down the comparison between Xiaomi and Huawei.

According to GSM Arena, a quarterly analysis report of the Chinese smartphone brands came out in July.

The data revealed that Xiaomi managed to enter the list of the best-selling smartphone brands in the second quarter of 2021. However, the case was different for Huawei because it was not included.

Xiaomi posted a Q2 2021 sales of 13.4 million and a market share of 17.2% at the time of publication.

A yearly change of 47% was shown in the analysis.

The report presented that Xiaomi was one of the mobile brands where Chinese consumers preferred to buy. Moreover, it concluded the said company improved in its overall performance.

In another report by Gizguide, a similar case was displayed for Xiaomi. Along with Apple, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung, and other brands, Xioami highlighted its year-over-year change of 86.5%.

Surprisingly, the result that the Chinese phone maker got was even better than Apple and Samsung, with only 17.% and 9.3% annual change respectively.

Of course, this single report was yet enough when comparing two closely related subjects.

The report should also showcase the capability of Huawei.

Could Huawei Surpass Xiaomi?

From an article published by Manufacturing Global, Huawei was the third-largest smartphone firm in the world. Xiaomi was only sixth on the list.

The report suggested that Huawei has been silent in its previous existence as a smartphone brand. For 33 years, some people have had no idea about it because many chose the most popular brands on the planet.

Over the last nine years, Huawei started to rise by improving its smartphone market shares to 8% from 3%. It is also noteworthy to know that its global exports ballooned beginning in 2015 to 2019.

For a matter of time, Huawei has completed 152 million unit shipments across the world. Amid the Chinese phone tension, the company still managed to increase its sales.

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Final Verdict For Xiaomi and Huawei

With regards to smartphone quality, Mobile Youth wrote a comparison article between Xiaomi and Huawei. There are many indicators of the comparison.

First, the report indicated the flagship models, followed by pricing, and software.

For the first criteria, Huawei won the flagship model comparison since its smartphones stood out on the best-seller tier. 

On the other hand, Xiaomi succeeded in overtaking Huawei for mobile phone pricing. 

The report added that Xioami emphasized its lower cost because their phones have bloatware and ads. Meanwhile, Huawei offers expensive prices because they don’t have built-in ads.

The last indicator of the comparison was the software. While Xiaomi and Huawei rely on both Android OS, the former’s UI provides easier navigation.

On top of these factors, the final verdict will be on Xiaomi. This Chinese smartphone brand has a lot of potential to compete with the biggest mobile titans.

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