Dell Updates G15 Gaming Laptops With New CPU and GPU Options

Dell’s gaming laptops might be significantly less glamorous than their Alienware stable mates. However, since they arrived on the scene post Alienware buy-out,  the Dell G-Series have taken a nugget of that higher-end technology, cooling know-how and design to the masses. Now Dell has updated its low-to mid-range gaming laptop series with some of the newest mobile CPUs and GPUs from Intel and Nvidia.

Called the New Dell G15 Gaming Laptop Series, these laptops are 15.6-inch screen form factor only. Since the G15 Series succeeded the G Series, Dell has left the 17.3-inch market to its Alienware brand. Despite only having one screen size, you still have a choice between three display panels when you go to configure your machine.

(Image credit: Dell)

The cheapest option for your screen is the 15.6-inch FHD 120Hz panel with max 250 nits brightness. Moving up a tier you can opt for the FHD 165Hz panel with max 300 nits brightness. The top-end choice is a QHD 240Hz panel with max 400 nits brightness. These are all VA type screens but be warned that the cheapest option has a rather poor color gamut. Please check the model you are interested in before purchasing.