COVID changed how companies build e commerce digital marketing

COVID changed how companies build e-commerce, digital marketing

Shelly Socol, CEO of e-commerce and digital marketing company One Rockwell, said many companies had to quickly pivot towards a stronger direct-to-customer model when the pandemic hit because most consumers did not have access to their usual sales channels.

“Pre-COVID, it was a very different market because people, in general, depended on their wholesale markets and their retail outlets,”​ Socol said. “What I think was different back then was that you’d put up your e-commerce site and create a really beautiful experience, but that’s not enough anymore.”

Customer service focused e-commerce

In order to compensate for significant losses in retail sales, Socol said many companies had to rebuild their online retail experience to feel personalized to consumers. Many employed quizzes and regiment builders, and some even created digital concierge services.

Associate Director of Biddable Media at digital marketing company Croud Katie McMahon said it became important for brands to add a human touch to the digital space so consumers could feel as though they were getting personalized service without going to a makeup counter or dermatologist. 

“Customer service has to be on par with what you would experience in-store, and it can’t be anything less,”​ Socol said. “I think that’s been the game-changer among a lot of the beauty brands we’re with.”