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Computer repairs for students – The Roundup News

Whether it’s because their school will introduce them to their class management system, such as Canvas, or because they will be using anti-cheating software, possibly Proctorio, many students find college is the first time their computer will become an integral part of their daily educational routine.

The nationwide lockdowns and quarantines that have occurred throughout the last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the importance of this relationship.

Because of this, Pierce College should begin providing its students with basic computer services, which could include the installation of computer software, computer repair, malware and virus support.

This would provide students with a place they can consistently and confidently go to repair their computers, and it would also give Pierce another stream of income. 

At Asher College, free PC Repair Clinics are offered so that they can get their computers looked at by students at the school.

This means that students can get their computers serviced for free, and students working at the school can get experience by having a steady stream of computers to fix.

The diagnosis is free, but if parts need to be ordered for a repair, students are offered a price to have it repaired in-house. This provides Asher College with a way to make money off of their free service.

Pierce may not have students who work on computer repair, but they can still provide students with the ability to repair it in-house, giving the school a way to make money while providing students with a service.

But repair services are not the only thing that Pierce can provide their students.

The University of San Diego provides its students with free diagnosis and limited repair. This service includes repair, but it also provides them with a convenient place to back up and recover their data and a place to get software installed.

Pierce provides their students with free Microsoft Office and they could help incoming freshmen with this installed on “Go Days” and similar events. It would be yet another way that Pierce gets their incoming students prepared for success.

Finally, Pierce could provide malware and virus removal, the way Cornell College does, to their students. It would give students trust in the new service.

The relationship college students have with their computers is vital. In the process of strengthening this relationship, Pierce could make some money by offering their students basic computer services on campus.

Computer repairs for students