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Computer repair shop RJ Technology combats E-waste with lower prices

Jacob Miller, owner of RJ Technology, a computer repair shop in Karns, is concerned about electronic waste.

“What sets us apart from other repair shops is that we don’t charge for diagnostics,” Miller said. “I want to keep the repair cost low so people can afford to have their machines repaired rather than replaced. The longer you keep your machine the less E-waste there is.

“Did you know that landfills have about 30 percent E-waste? All of it has lithium ion batteries, which will eventually seep into the water table,” he said.

Miller and his four employees repair just about anything with a screen, including laptops, desktops, pads, phones, and gaming consoles. Miller said he believes in keeping his costs low not only to combat E-waste but for technology equity.

Owner Jacob Miller with assistant technician Alex Freshour and wife/office manager Sarai Miller at RJ Technology in Karns. Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021.

“We take in E-waste so we can refurbish the machine and make sure it makes it to neighborhoods where kids have a hard time accessing technology. Last year the whole world shut down, but many people didn’t realize that everyone doesn’t have access to the internet and to a working machine.

“You need a phone or computer to keep your life going. Even the UN said that internet and devices are almost a human right at this point because you can’t do anything without them.