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Check your closet! These 5 outdated gadgets are worth a ton on eBay

You don’t have to leave home if you want to channel your inner Indiana Jones and unearth lost treasures. Just rifle through old boxes in your closet, attic or basement. You might find a few valuable outdated gadgets you can sell on eBay for fat stacks.

For example, we found a brand new, factory-sealed, first-generation iPod selling on eBay for $44,995. Collectors are willing to pay big bucks for a piece of history — especially because iPods are no longer being manufactured. Tap or click here to make bank from vintage video game systems, TVs and old iPods.

If you’ve been keeping discontinued devices, you’re in luck. Depending on their condition, you could make tens of thousands of dollars. Even if they’re beaten up, they’re worth a pretty penny.

You could be sitting on top of a gold mine

Whip out the dusters because it’s time to hunt for valuable artifacts. If you hold a prized piece of the past in your home, you could make a killing. Some of these devices are worth a life-changing amount of money.

But before we go ahead, here’s a safety tip. If you’re selling stuff online, watch out for this popular scam targeting online marketplaces. It could drain your bank account.

Without further ado, here are some online auctions we found with eye-watering prices. We’ll share some expensive auctions for old iPods, iPhones, computers and more. Scroll down to see if you have any of these devices — if you’re lucky, you could sell them for a few thousand bucks!

1. Retro iPods are super valuable

Apple struggled in its early days. Then, in October of 2001, everything changed. The first iPod hit the scene and the tech world was never the same again.

The iPod brought people who had never wanted Apple products into the stores and introduced them to the Apple computer. Now, the last iPod was manufactured, ending an incredible era. If you own an iPod, keep it because there are no more or sell it!

For example, if you head over to Etsy, you’ll find this auction for a first-generation Apple iPod selling for $1,500:

This is one of the very first iPods ever released. You’ll notice that it’s out of the box, which means it isn’t in mint condition. That’s right: You don’t need a pristine gadget to make a considerable amount of money.

Of course, a factory-sealed device is worth a whole lot more. Over on eBay, you’ll find a factory-sealed Apple iPod Classic 1st generation selling for $23,000.

If you want even more money, you can up the price. One eBay seller is hawking one of these devices for a whopping $44,995.

Don’t believe us? See it for yourself:

Remember, the number you see above is just the auction amount at the time of writing this article. Click on the image and you’ll go straight to the auction page. By the time of publication, it may have skyrocketed to an even higher amount!

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2. People also want outdated iPhones

Apple is infamous for putting out newer, cooler versions of its smartphones. Some people even accuse it of making older models obsolete so customers have to buy newer phones. Regardless of your take, the fact is that these outdated phones fade into history … which makes them shiny finds for tech collectors.

One person on Etsy is selling their old iPhone for around $500:

Of course, sealed, outdated gadgets make a significant chunk of more money. Here’s a 1st-generation iPhone going for nearly $18,000:

You could pay a year of your kid’s tuition with this money. And it’s not even the highest amount some auctioneers are putting out.

One person is selling their 1st-generation iPhone for $18,000! With 544 watchers following every move, it’s crystal clear that these devices are in high demand.

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3. Old computers are also worth a ton of cash

Modern PCs are a far cry from the clunky, outdated gadgets we used to use. However, people look back on those old times with fondness. They might even want to buy their own device as a way to remember the past.

This is good news for anyone holding onto their old computer. Check out how much they can make you online. An Original Macintosh 128 is going for nearly $2,500 on Amazon:

Hop off of Amazon and head to eBay and you’ll notice you can make more money from this old device. One seller charges almost $3,450 for a vintage 1984 computer with a mouse and keyboard.

Even the manual is worth a ton:

Remember that these aren’t the only outdated gadgets that can make you a ton of money. They’re just some of the retro Apple devices we found.

You can sell any model of an iPhone, iPod or more. The amount of money you earn might vary, but it’s still worth trying!

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