Booker addresses social media after Pacers win

INDIANAPOLIS — Devin Booker let it rip with a smile about the global reaction to his issue with the “Raptor” mascot after his 35-point night in Friday’s 112-94 victory over the Pacers.

“It’s a meme world now, you know what I’m saying,” said Booker when asked if this has blown up even more than even he thought it would. “I just try to keep perspective and I’m having fun with it. We have the best record in the NBA. We’re playing good basketball. Life’s good. My family is healthy. Ain’t nothing but a joke to me.” 

He closed his postgame interview addressing a question about how some social media take things far too seriously than him and took the opportunity to speak directly to those on there who keep comparing him to one of his basketball idols, the late, great Kobe Bryant.