Blind cat mesmerizes social media with ‘cosmic moon’ eyes

Blind cat mesmerizes social media with ‘cosmic moon’ eyes

Cats and magic go way back, but one blind feline named Pico has social media hypnotized by his cosmic stare.

The 9-year-old cat has bilateral glaucoma, which turned his once-green eyes into two clouded orbs that resemble a soothsayer’s crystal ball.

His owner, Monica, isn’t the only one who’s fallen under the moon-eyed cat’s spell. Many follow the cat mom on social media such as TikTok, where Pico boasts 258,000 followers.

The 17-year-old from Canada told Newsflash that he was diagnosed with the ocular disease, which inevitably leads to blindness, about five years ago. According to a recent TikTok, Monica and her family adopted him after the helpless cat was struck by a car, leaving Pico in a coma for three days.

Blindness hasn’t deterred this otherwise healthy cat, who Monica has said is as curious as can be — and seems to posses some extrasensory abilities, she suggests.

According to Monica, one of Pico’s recent adventures lead him astray for hours while friends and family searched houses nearby — except for one unoccupied abode that just so happened to be open during a real estate tour.

That’s when Pico met his neighbors-to-be, who found the wayward cat and returned him to Monica.

Pico was diagnosed with bilateral glaucoma five years ago and has since lost his eyesight entirely.

“The couple bought the house because of Pico,” she said. “He was like a messenger who made us meet them and greet them, and they sensed a good vibe.”

When he’s not scouting for new fans, “he sleeps all day in my room,” said Monica, who puts her pampered Pico on a pedestal.

“He is very picky on his food. It can’t be any sort of meat flavor, it either has to be tuna or fish.” Treats, too, are welcomed, she added.

Pico also “loves attention,” according to his devoted human. “If no one is there, he will cry, so I always pet him and give him cuddles so that he is happy.”

“He is the most loving cat out there, and he follows me everywhere I go in the house,” she added.

Although Pico’s eye condition means that he needs extra care, including daily eye drops, his guardian has said that seeing the world through his opalescent eyes makes it worthwhile.

“It’s cute and I love him so much that I would never replace him!”

Pico’s affection is her reward, Monica insists. “Those who do not love animals are the people who have never experienced an animal’s love.”

She continued, “If they have that one time when they can see or feel an animal’s love and appreciation towards them, they would change their minds on that perspective. Everyone should love animals.”