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Best winter tech gadgets for staying warm when it’s cold outside

It’s only January, but the Northeast and other regions across the U.S. have already seen record-breaking cold temperatures. We still have a few more months of winter to get through (winter doesn’t officially end until March 20) so if you’re looking for ways to keep warm until then, TODAY with Hoda & Jenna have you covered.

They tapped Steve Greenberg, the host of YouTube’s gadget game show “What the Heck is That?” and Our Gadget Guy, to share nine smart gadgets to help you get through the rest of the cold months. From outerwear to your fireplace, these finds are ones you’ll wish you had known about sooner.

Whether you’ll be hibernating at home or have a few sporting events lined up through the spring, you’re going to want these tech gadgets in your winter toolkit. Keep reading to shop heated shirts, a “jurse” and more.

Gadgets to keep warm in winter

Venture Heat Men’s Heated Shirt

This lightweight top is battery operated, so it can keep you warm for up to 6.5 hours. It’s made from a stretchy fabric, so it’s not meant to feel bulky (or like you’re just wearing a bunch of panels). It comes in both a black and grey style that can be tossed in the wash for easy care.

Venture Heat Women’s Heated Shirt

The women’s style also comes in a mauve color, giving you more options for your wardrobe. It features the same rechargeable battery and targets the same three areas of the body as the men’s shirt: the shoulders, back and abdomen.

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1 Voice Beanie Wireless Headphone Hat

Editor’s note: This pick is no longer in stock, but the next product is a similar top-rated option.

If you like to listen to music on walks or while traveling, you’re probably familiar with the struggle that is your headphones falling out while you’re moving. This innovative, rechargeable beanie is Bluetooth-enabled, so the headphones are built in and can stream music for up to six hours on a single charge. Plus, it is also microphone enabled, so you can make and receive calls with the push of a button.

iLive Beanie

This second Bluetooth- and microphone-enabled beanie option has a battery life of three hours and can be recharged via a USB connection, so it’s a piece where fashion definitely meets function.

B. Long Fashion The Jurse

Is it a jacket? Is it a purse? It’s both. Greenberg discovered this two-in-one jacket that you can use as a jacket or transform into a purse in a matter of seconds. It comes in black, tan, denim, a limited-edition Wine Red color and a customizable option. Each style is large enough to hold your phone, credit cards and keys.

The Rechargeable Heated Massaging Stadium Seat

Editor’s note: This pick isn’t expected to ship until March 15.

Heading to a sporting event or have a camping trip lined up? This gadget can instantly upgrade the experience. It not only helps keep you cozy, but it features three vibrating massages for your back. It conveniently folds into itself (carrying handle included) so you can neatly stow it away until your next adventure. While you can order it now, this item isn’t expected to ship until March 15.

Aceletiqs Heated Stadium Seat

If you want to get your hands on a heated stadium seat sooner, this option is available to ship now. While it doesn’t have a massage option, it features a heated bottom, can recline and also has a spot where you can charge your phone. It’s already on sale for $130, but you can apply a coupon to save an extra $50 right now.

The Best Heated Car Seat

Editor’s note: This pick is no longer in stock, but the next product is a similar top-rated option.

If you have leather seats in your care (or don’t want to wait for your car to heat up) this pick is for you. It can reach over 99 degrees Fahrenheit and distributes that heat across the entire surface of the pad.

Homedics Portable Back Massage Cushion with Heat

This similar car seat not only provides heat, but it provides a massage, too. It comes with an adapter for your car and an adapter for your home, so you can use it just about anywhere.

Schumacher 12V Electric Heated Blanket

Whether you’re planning a road trip or refuse to be cold on errand runs, this travel blanket can help keep you toasty. It’s just over 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, so it can even keep the passengers in the back seat warm, too.

Firemizer Fire Optimizer

If you have a fireplace in your home, this tool can help it burn for longer. It’s a reusable mat that is made from a stainless steel mesh, which, according to the brand, helps distribute heat evenly — thus helping the wood burn longer. You’ll only have to cut it to fit the bottom of your fireplace.

Celestron FireCel Plus Hand Warmer

Editor’s note: This pick is no longer in stock, but the next product is a similar top-rated option.

This hand warmer perform double duty. It will keep your fingers warm for up to 12 hours but also acts as a flashlight. Since it’s compact, you can keep it in your pocket or your bag to keep warm this winter.

Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This hand warmer features three heating levels that you can use to heat your hands up. Only one warmer comes in a box, so you’ll want to make sure to order two if you need a complete set.

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