Best Tech Gadgets for Men

Make working, playing, and chillaxing—whether you’re WFH or going into an office—more fun and exciting with these cutting-edge tools, toys, and gadgets.



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E-asy Riders

Electric bikes now deliver more speed, more battery life, and more fun.

Yes, the wheel is being reinvented. A new breed of e-bikes let you ride faster and farther than ever. From Brompton’s commuter ready, six-gear, pedal-assist folding rig to Propella’s compact city explorer (with a 30-mile range and 18-mile-per-hour top speed) to Rad’s fat-tire beast (for blasting off-road at up to 20 miles per hour), there’s an e-bike for every desire.—Dale Chong



Training Partners

Fitness Trackers Get Swole With Features

The new fitness trackers do way more than count steps. They have built-in trainers, access to workouts and maps, and much more, so you’re never sweating completely solo. You also get health tools that can read your heart rate, track your sleep, and even measure your blood-oxygen level. Pick the right specialized tracker and it can help you better understand your body and achieve your goals for fitness, health, and running.—Brett Williams



Data Agents

Smart Scales Get Even Smarter

Call it an arms race: Smart scales that gather data by sending an electric current through your body are adding more and more features. KoreHealth measures body fat, water percentage, and muscle and bone density. Withings adds vascular age, an indicator of heart health. And InBody uses an ultrasensitive measuring system for best in-class accuracy. Pick the one that suits your health needs.—Ben Court