best gadgets content creators yanko design 03

Best gadgets for content creators in 2022

best gadgets content creators yanko design 03

Now I’m no influencer (though I do churn out content as well), but I do know that their lives can be extremely chaotic and busy. Content creation, capturing engaging moments, creating proposals, attending meetings, and making themselves and their lives seem interesting and entertaining at all times seems like a handful! The pros have got these tasks underway, whereas the newbies are still stumbling through. But, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the social media game for long or you’re a novice, everyone needs a couple of handy and trusty product designs to help them through their influencer life! So, we’ve curated a collection of designs that influencers would swear by! From a collection of cameras that mimick each photography mode to an Apple-inspired action camera – These products will upgrade your content creation routine and even the quality of your content! Because when your process is smooth and hurdle-free, it reflects in your work.

1. The iCam Pro by Varun Anand

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best gadgets content creators yanko design 04

Inspired by living life on the edge and documenting travels along the way, the iCam Pro was conceptualized using top-grade technology fit for the adventure seeker who isn’t about to be held back by limiting camera setbacks. Equipped with Apple’s A12Z Bionic Chip, the concept of iCam Pro boasts lightning-fast feedback and the same power efficiency we’ve all come to expect from Apple. In addition to its ultra-fast microchip, the iCam Pro comes outfitted with LiDAR sensors, an advancement in camera technology that fills out Apple’s camera to take videography to another level. LiDAR sensors essentially use remote sensing to examine the Earth’s surface, and all of its nooks and crannies to deliver photos that are as close to the real thing as you can get from phone cameras.

2. All-in-One Live Broadcast device

03 allinone dapeng broadcastequipment

01 allinone dapeng broadcastequipment

Decluttering the experience of content creation, industrial designer DPP Da’Peng conceptualized an All-in-One Live Broadcast device that takes care of every aspect of content creation in one go. In designing their All-in-One device, DPP Da’Peng hoped to solve the issue of passive wheat dissipation present in broadcast equipment currently on the market. Finding an issue with the size of current heat sinks, Da’Peng notes, “Due to the limitation of volume and microphone recognition sound, a large area of [the] metal aluminum heat sink is required to assist the machine to dissipate heat and work normally. So balancing heat sinks and design criteria is the primary issue.”

3. Logitech StreamMic Concept

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Take your live streaming and podcasting to a new high with Logitech StreamMic Concept, which is conceived specifically for gamers, podcasters, and streamers in search of a professional-quality desktop microphone that Logitech would approve of. As the appearance gives out, the StreamMic is truly inspired by the aesthetics of the Logitech StreamCam and fits its design language through form, material, and simplicity. The microphone here is dressed in a similar monochrome theme with inviting fabric covering the sensitive innards. Fascinatingly, the conceptual design, in addition to sounding great would provide versatility so you can concentrate more on your content or gameplay, and leave the rest for the StreamMic to handle.

4. The Elgato Key Light Air professional camera light

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The Elgato Key Light Air professional camera light helps you achieve the perfect lighting for live streaming and photoshoots! Equipped with LEDs, the gadget utilizes multilayer diffusion technology to create a lighting effect that is both soft and indirect. It’s all the illumination you require for your at-home professional shoots, while also ensuring that you stay cool throughout the entire process. It is also quite gentle on your eyes! An ultra-reflective aluminum film scatters light outwards, while a translucent grid panel breaks the light into millions of different beams. The gadget is also accompanied by a 3D head mount, allowing you to position it at the perfect angle. It’s the ultimate accessory for the desk setup of a content creator!

5. The Gimbal Griptok

Fountain Studio Gimbal Griptok Phone Gimbal 0002 Layer 16
Fountain Studio Gimbal Griptok Phone Gimbal 12

Fountain Studio seems to have struck the right notes with their proposed concept for a smartphone gimbal for solo content creators who longed for such an accessory. The Gimbal Griptok doesn’t come with the baggage of bulkiness and boasts an ergonomic design. The actuation of movement is done with the onboard inertial measurement device (IMU) and the brushless motor which provides the subtle corrections for resulting stable footage. Another problem the gimbal addresses is the extension of the cradle to the left or right to hold the phone in position. The design studio went ahead with testing and verifying the size and usability of the gimbal design. Finally, the 3D printing technique was used to create the prototype. This prototype (and hopefully the final product) uses MagSafe technology to keep the gimbal secured to the phone at all times.

6. The Now Exposed collection

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The cameras featured in the Now Exposed collection each have a unique purpose. They use different lenses and exposure techniques to force the photographer to think differently about image composition. The series consists of three distinct cameras, each one mimicking a photography ‘mode’ – the Burst Camera, the Long Exposure Camera, and the Slitscan Camera. The Now Exposed Cameras, as a whole, manages to make film photography, an intimidating art medium, accessible to new users while presenting new creative challenges for experts. Each camera comes with instructions imprinted directly onto the device.

7. The Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen

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The Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen is the perfect addition to your home recording studio. The Scarlett range includes two recording bundles – Solo Studio and 2i2 Studio. It also consists of six individual products for recording music – Solo, 2i2, 4i4, 8i6, 18i8, and 18i20. An inbuilt mic preamplifier heightens and improves sound quality, while free plug-ins offer synths, preamps, drum machines, and effects. The Air features also brighten and liven up your vocals! The Scarlett 3rd Gen is compatible with your PC, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

8. The Huion Kamvas Pro 24K display

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The Huion Kamvas Pro 24K display gives your professional studio the ultimate elevation! Equipped with QLED, HDR, and Pen Technology, this display helps you notch up your productivity. The UHD 3,840 by 2,160 screen lets you immerse into every detail of your work, eliminating the need for zooming in and out. The Quantum Dot technology gives you an amazing 140% sRGB color gamut as well as a 1,200:1 contrast ratio. The 4K display is compatible with your PC, MacBook, Android, and other devices as well.

9. The iCam Pro by Diego Valdés

Apple iCam Pro action camera 2
Apple iCam Pro action camera 4

The iCam Pro conceptualized by Diego Valdés (aka. Diego Valoro Design) is a miniaturized version of the iPhone 13 – of course with a slightly different utility of documenting extreme experiences. The triple-camera module setup is a detour from the convention of a single potent camera on such sports cameras. This could be a USP for a brand like Apple who’ll foray into a very competitive space dominated mostly by GoPro. The slimmer, more rectangular shape of the action camera will give prospect users the freedom to carry it in the pocket of their jeans without getting uncomfortable. The choice of colors and materials will also play a part in the success of iCam Pro, if we happen to ever see one in real life.

10. Miko

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best gadgets content creators yanko design 09

Miko has cardioid microphones to pick up the voice in real-time and amplify the sound. This means we can use the cheeky little gadget for anything from small rallies, office meetings, live performances to even karaoke nights with buddies. Don’t mistake Miko for any ordinary mic, as it can address a room filled with 60 people in crystal clear vocals or audio. Even better, the gadget can be used in one of the two modes – either as a handheld mic or as a detachable lavalier clip mic. There’s a pin on the base mic that keeps it charged, and this base mic is further amped via the main dock. So as soon as we pick up the mic from the dock, it sets into action the voice amplification. This function makes the little gadget perfect for podcast creators or video content makers. Plus, the attractive design is well thought out to appeal to the next-gen crowd.

Best gadgets for content creators in 2022