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App enables fuel delivery at the click of a button

The recently launched Fula Mobile app plans to add laundry services in future, says founder and CEO Lubabalo Nojiwa.

Officially unveiled in October last year, Fula Mobile is a delivery app for convenience store goods, including fuel, charcoal, ice, pies and sanitary pads, to name a few.

For the fuel, Fula Mobile has partnered with fuel stations such as Engen, BP and Caltex.

Other partnerships include with restaurants such as Gemeli, Chicken Licken, Monaka Coffee, Kota King and Soweto Pizza Company for food deliveries and takeaway goods. It also offers skincare products from Alicia Skin Care Solution.

Nojiwa tells ITWeb that customers receive their goods by ordering via the app and all goods are delivered to their doorstep.

They also have the option to place an order and fetch it from their store or the nearest petrol station they have ordered from, he notes, but adds that Fula Mobile’s drive is delivery.

According to Nojiwa, the motivation behind the app was derived from convenience. “I have seen how many people, like myself, struggle with getting fuel from petrol garages when you just want to relax at home. I thought if I develop an app that will deliver fuel and other necessities to me, it’ll be amazing and that’s how Fula Mobile came about; the key focus is mostly delivery.”

To use the app, a customer needs to download and register on it. The app is able locate where a customer is and links them to the nearest fuel station, Nojiwa explained during an interview on SABC MorningLive.

Fula Mobile is a free application for outlets but certain fees are applicable to users.

In terms of what differentiates his platform from other delivery service apps, Nojiwa notes that Fula Mobile is a free and self-managed platform, which means outlets can load themselves onto the platform free of charge and can manage their page by themselves.

“They also get access to an accounting system that assists with tracking orders, and are able to request payments whenever they want.”

Commenting on extending the partnership network to include more fuel stations, the CEO reveals he is targeting other outlets so that Fula can “reach its momentum”. They plan not only to focus on fuel, but other necessities that are of convenience, he states.

“Fula Mobile is committing to becoming a fully electric, zero-emission platform by 2040, with 100% of fuel delivery taking place in zero-emission vehicles, on public transit or with micro mobility.”

The Fula Mobile app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.