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Amazon to open consumer robotics software development center in Bengaluru

Last year, Echo smart speaker-maker Amazon announced the first-generation home robot Astro. Though its availability is limited to the US market for $999.99, Astro received rave reviews for its capability to autonomously roam through the house like a private security guard.

With huge potential to disrupt the house security segment, Amazon is expanding its operation globally. 

In that order, the American e-commerce giant has announced to set up a consumer robotics software development center in Bengaluru.

“Last year we unveiled our first consumer robot, but it certainly will not be our last. This new Consumer Robotics Software Development Center (in Bengaluru) will help support our growing consumer robotics division and attract top talent to work on world-class technology products,” said Ken Washington, Vice President, Consumer Robotics, Amazon.

The company has announced to host a special virtual event for the public and media on June 3 to inaugurate the new Amazon consumer robotics software development center in Karnataka’s capital city, the silicon valley of India.

“India is an innovation hub; having the center here will help Amazon create better consumer robotics experiences for customers worldwide,” Washington noted.
Amazon Consumer Robotics leaders will also be presenting a keynote address on the future of Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Amazon Astro robot. Credit: Amazon India

Amazon Astro: Here’s what you need to know
One of the primary reasons for people to like Amazon Astro is the similarity with Disney Pixar’s beloved animation character Wall-E. 

It sports a large display panel that features bug cute eyes animation and well-designed wheels at the base.

Amazon Astro, besides offering the latest updates on weather, and sports, set a reminder or alarm, and options to control Internet-of-Things (IoT) gadgets, can monitor the house autonomously and can stream live video to the owner’s phone as it roams through the corridors of the place.

Amazon Astro can scan through the house to keep a lookout for intruders. Credit: Amazon

With help of a periscope camera, it can even help the user to see if the stove in the kitchen is on or off. It can perform the same function to check whether electronic devices are on or off.

Also, it comes with a can on the back to help users move things around the house.

Check out the Amazon Astro demo:

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