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7 Mobile Apps Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience in 2021

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Mobile apps are game-changers, touching virtually every nook and cranny of our complicated lives. From social media apps like Facebook that have single-handedly revolutionized day-to-day interactions to health monitoring apps that digitize our self-care regimens, the ceiling of app innovation is nowhere in sight. 

With more than 250 daily app downloads taking place every single day, it should come as no surprise that shoppers in herds have relocated from self-checkouts to cyberspace. If lines that stretch ten customers long and fully loaded racks of sale items are enough to send you into mid-shopping-spree shock, it’s time to go digital. With these seven mobile apps revolutionizing the shopping experience in 2021, you can wave goodbye to post-mall exhaustion. 

Instacart app

Instacart has revolutionized the online shopping experience with its same-day delivery option. 

However, the option is not limited to grocery shopping. You can shop for other products from various retailers under the platform.

Undoubtedly, shopping for household items and groceries has never been easier with this app. 

The iPostal1 smartphone app

If you work up a sweat while managing your mail, it’s time to maximize the benefits of a virtual PO box service. With a digital PO box, gone are the days of patrolling for sticky-fingered porch pirates or enduring a trip to the post office, traffic and all. Ready to leave stolen package incidents and pre-shipping stress in your rearview? If so, download the iPostal1 smartphone app. 

The iPostal1 smartphone app connects you with a virtual PO box. Unlike an IP address, this is a real street address with a personal box number.

With this app, you can receive, forward, and pick up packages–whether you’re cubicle-bound or couch-bound. As a frequent online shopper, the iPostal1 app is a must for managing your incoming shipments, especially if your apartment building has earned a reputation for misplacing tenant packages.

As one of the biggest retail and e-commerce platforms, the app boasts the most user-friendly UI (user interface).

You can shop for books, clothes, cosmetics, appliances, and many more items from international sellers. Additionally, the app features top-of-the-line customer support, in addition to generous refund and return policies. offers free shipping depending on certain criteria, including your state of residence. 

Honey app

You can use the Honey app on your browser or install it on your smartphone. It acts as a smart shopping assistant.

The Honey app enables you to compare retailers and receive automatic coupons. You can also track prices on specific items.

Camfind app

Camfind app, like the name implies, uses visual recognition technology that makes it easy to find products via your smartphone.

You take a picture of an item, and the app identifies the product and provides you with all its information, including where you can score the best deals.

ShopSavvy app

ShopSavvy is an app that lets you search for products from over 40,000 stores, including major retailers.

By scanning a product barcode or searching for it on ShopSavvy, you can instantly find out which retailer offers the best price. Some of the stores even let you earn 20% cashback when you purchase through ShopSavvy.

Digital wallet apps

Today there are highly innovative digital wallet apps like Google Pay for android and Apple Pay for IOS. These have enabled seamless and efficient online transacting. 

Digital wallet apps encrypt and store your credit and bank card information online. 

Most stores and vendors give discounts and loyalty cards when you use digital wallet apps for your shopping.

Before you go

Mobile apps have revolutionized the shopping experience by eliminating most of the physicality and complexity surrounding shopping. Retailers are embracing mobile apps and taking full advantage of them to grow their businesses. Hence, there’s a plethora of information and options available via mobile apps, and you have the liberty to choose from different vendors and products that suit your preference.

7 Mobile Apps Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience in 2021