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7 Key Advantages of Cellular Printing for a Busy Workplace

Ever since the Gutenberg press came into being, the printing needs have taken a drastic turn.

Today, print service is made possible courtesy of smartphones, and the statistics speak for themselves. Reportedly, the mobile printing device market foresees a CAGR of no less than twenty percent by 2024.

It’s fascinating to witness how an invention dating back to 1450 has not catered to one but two significant outcomes:

  • Evolving to deliver better, richer output
  • Liberating users to print at a certain speed and convenience, matching their fast lifestyle

Undeniably, a large number of industries have gone digital, but that doesn’t end their dependency on paper. With mobile printing services ruling the roost, there’s no pressing the pause button on printing needs, now made possible on the go.

This blog takes a dig at a handful of key benefits of mobile print service and why a busy office can’t do without it.

Making Remote Working a Bliss

Undeniably the COVID pandemic has changed our lives. Today, a good number of companies have turned towards remote working, which is also being looked at as the future of work. However, employees, no matter what, and how they choose to operate, still need to be connected to office printers.

Thus, a mobile print service option that allows one to edit and print a document right from their phone or tablet is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. While you still have certain departments working from the office, mobile printing makes it possible for all teams to stay in sync.

Capturing and Printing Information in a Jiffy

Mobile printing is all about speed and convenience, and with smartphones in the picture, capturing and printing is now a child’s play.

With a dedicated mobile print service app, employees can directly print a document using their smartphones or tablets.

These days, writing down information has taken a backseat to screen captures and intelligent snapshots, wherein you can quickly take a photo of an important document and remotely send it to the office printer to get it printed, just like that!

Expanding Your Office on the Cloud

Mobile print services run on the cloud. And as a forward-thinking organization that offers access to mobile printing you are only expanding things for the greater good.

In other words, anyone with an internet connection at any place is now able to work on a document and send it across to the office printer. You might as well choose to print documents later, as and when you like. There you go, expanding your office on the cloud.

Enhanced Customer Service

Wireless print service, irrespective of all, carries special importance to departments that deal with end customers. Thus, when a business executive is interacting with clients and needs a couple of docs to be printed and handed out, mobile printing ensures fast, quality output. This, in turn, saves time and money and adds to client satisfaction.

From a broader perspective, a mobile printing service can play a significant role in all customer-facing jobs, where a lot can be achieved without having to leave your desk.


As mobile print services offer a secure channel to print on the go, organizations now can have an upper hand in a flexible way of working.

The printers have mobile app compatibility to allow for editing the documents, both text and images before it goes to printing. Think about last-minute changes being made to an architectural plan, or a real estate deal.

Or maybe when it has slipped your mind to get a handful of figures printed before attending a meeting. You can send them to your office printer and have them printed before you arrive to pick them up on time and enter the conference room. In other words, you are at peace with not having to worry about printing contingencies and travel without the fear of losing an important paper.

Easy Collaboration

For all modern offices, professionals ought to stay connected to make things happen. A study tracing the importance of collaboration reports how sixty percent of the workforce uses mobile apps to manage their daily tasks, where printing tops the chart.

With a mobile print service, employees can now collaborate seamlessly working from their android devices and getting essential documents printed and ready before the deadline.

A Promise of Security

Mobile printing, above everything, opens up a secure channel to handle important or confidential data.

As the system is operated via the cloud, end-to-end encryption ensures zero compromises or data theft. This is something that the traditional way of working can seldom claim to compete. With mobile printing, it’s the user generating the print request with sole authority on the data.

Wrap Up

There is no second thought that organizations can immensely benefit from incorporating mobile printing services.

By comparison, it’s a fairly simple and safer alternative that will not only enable employees to work from their own devices but also optimize productivity needs, cut down on printing and subsequent maintenance expenses, and mitigate security incidents.