6 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Mobile App Developer

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Whether you run a sparky startup looking to stand out amid tough competition or you helm the digital strategy arm of a large enterprise, you have probably considered custom creating a mobile app. 

You know a few things. You know that the app needs to be secure, speedy and user-intuitive so you can acquire and retain users. You know the app should future proof your business, so you want it to deploy innovative platforms and solutions. And, as a bottom line, you know that the app should aid in making your business more profitable. 

Knowledge isn’t the issue. Most people who enter a creative relationship with app developers know exactly what they want – but many aren’t sure how to advocate for, and facilitate, their vision. Essentially, it all starts with understanding what to look for in a mobile app developer. 

In this article, let’s plot a roadmap for finding the ideal app development company in Canada. Below, you will find six essential qualities to look for in a mobile app developer. 


Fundamental to your creative partnership with an app development company is trust. You are entrusting your business’ mobile strategy with them, which is no small thing. Therefore, the question to ask yourself is: Who has trusted this company in the past? And has that trust paid off? 

Those questions get to the heart of why experience is such an essential quality in an app development company. Years of experience, a robust portfolio of created apps, awards, positive testimonials and industry recognition – these are votes of confidence from other companies who were once in your exact shoes. They help establish trust. 

Collaborative Spirit at Each Step

It’s entirely possible to be left in the dark throughout the app development process. Sadly, some developers prefer to operate inaccessibly and opaquely, delivering a final product that matches their aesthetics and goals, but perhaps not yours. 

It’s far better to find an app development company that works collaboratively at each step of the process. Find a company that will work closely with you through the initial strategy phase to understand your goals, requirements and competition. 

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Respect for the Discovery Process

A deep discovery phase is essential to the app development process. It lays the groundwork for all the design, development and marketing to follow. 

During the discovery phase, you want your developer to take a close interest in your business. Who are your end-users? What do your current customer interactions look like? What are your performance metrics and market position? The more interest an app development company takes in the discovery phase, the better positioned they will be to create an app that improves your business. 

Emphasis on the UX Process

Ever wondered what makes certain apps “sticky”? What gives certain apps that irresistible quality that makes you want to return again and again? And why do some apps seem to flow effortlessly while others (perhaps unconsciously) frustrate you? You can attribute that to UX

Essentially, UX is a design process whose primary goal is to provide users with a positive experience. Good UX can help guide the user through a buying experience, driving engagement, conversion and retention. Beyond that, UX helps you provide a more humanized experience to your clients and customers. 

Client-Focused Approach from a Small Team

As you shop around for a mobile app developer, you will need to decide: Do you go with a large company or a small team? In this writer’s opinion, the latter is preferable. 

Large development companies are great, but they often fall prey to a pitfall common to many large businesses: impersonality. Your project is just one among hundreds. It’s not especially important to their business and – therefore- perhaps not especially important at all. 

On the other hand, a small, tight-knit team will often work tirelessly on your behalf. This client-focused approach ties in directly to the “Collaborative Spirit” point made above, as dealing with a tight-knit partner allows an exchange of ideas rather than a one-way street. 

A Deep Understanding of Scalability 

The ongoing success of your business will involve you growing your user base. That’s the goal, after all. With increased users, however, can come increased strain on your app’s performance. An app that wasn’t built with scalability in mind may therefore buckle under the pressure of your goals and achievements. 

To prevent that from happening, look for a mobile app development company with a deep understanding of scalability. An app expert should be able to provide you with a product that can evolve and grow alongside your company. 

Aside from the six qualities mentioned above, you also want to look for universally-recognized professional qualities like reliability (i.e., will they provide the product on-spec, on-time and on-budget) and positivity (as a baseline, the developers should be friendly!). Any app developer that marries those qualities will create a product you can be proud of.

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