11 must-have kitchen gadgets from Amazon

Collecting and using kitchen gadgets is our superpower. Herb scissors? Check. Microplane grater? Check? Garlic press? Check.

Our kitchen drawers are filled with hand-held cooking tools. And there’s always room for more. We’re not alone. We know because we asked friends on Facebook’s NEO Foodies page. Using their favorites — and ours — we curated a list below of relatively new and useful tools to consider adding to your kitchen.

The air fryer cheat sheet can be used as a refrigerator magnet. Or expose the adhesive and attach to a non-magnetic surface. (Courtesy of Amazon)

We’re buying the Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Set ($11.45) in multiples for the sibling, the parents and the boyfriend. We all like air fryer results and these list cooking time, temperature and food size for popular items. And because we like magnets, we’re considering other Cooking Cheatsheets as well.

Gadgets herb scissors

Five sharp, stainless-steel blades slice through basil, chives, cilantro and other leafy herbs. (Courtesy of Amazon)

In the summer time we love five-blade Herb Scissors ($13.95) to cut fresh chives into uniform pieces. Every time we make salsa or guacamole the scissors chop fresh cilantro leaves into bits.

Gadget herb striopper

Remove leaves from rosemary, thyme and more with ease. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Kale stalks and herb stems can make a dish chew like you added mulch. We use the Kale and Herb Stripping Tool ($10.99) to remove kale stems for our green smoothies and to strip tiny thyme and tarragon leaves for our favorite scalloped potato recipes.

Gadget air fryer liner

Reusable air fryer liners are eco-friendly.

We don’t own these — Reusable Silicone Air Fryer Liners $11.95/3-pack) — yet. But we soon will. As for using parchment paper to line the basket? That’s a big NO if you don’t want flames in your kitchen. Don’t ask how we know. These silicone liners are easier to work with and to clean up.

Gadget pineapple corer

Clean and serve your fresh pineapple the quick way with a pineapple corer. (Courtesy of Amazon)

A fresh, ripe pineapple is sweeter than canned fruit. That’s why we’re considering the Pineapple Corer and Slicer Tool ($12.99).

Gadget salad scissors

Salad scissors make short work of iceberg and romaine lettuce. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Kitchen snobs tear lettuce leaves for salad. But why? Kitchen Salad Scissors ($14.98) are so much easier. And fun.

Gadgets microplane

The microplane has a place in every kitchen gadget drawer. (Courtesy of Amazon)

The Microplane Classic Zester/Grater ($14.99) is one of our favorite tools. We use it to zest lemon, then we use zest to brighten everything from pie dough to pasta to vegetables. Its also great to grate fresh nutmeg, hard cheeses and fresh ginger. We also use it to shave chocolate onto our homemade tiramisu.

Gadget pastry mat

A silicone pastry mat makes pie dough cleanup a breeze. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Our friend Lisa recently showed us how important a Silicone Pastry Mat ($8.49) is when making pie dough. The mat contains the floury mess.

Gadgets immersion blender

Immersion blenders are far less messy than pureeing a soup in a blender or food processor. (Courtesy of Amazon)

We have two immersion blenders — one for soups and sauces, another for soapmaking. The KitchenAid Variable Speed Hand Blender ($59.99) is Amazon’s Choice for this versatile tool.

Gadgets bacon grease container

This bacon grease strainer/container comes in three color choices. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Forget the debate over the health qualities (or lack of) of leftover bacon grease. We use it to fry eggs, to drizzle on roasting halved brussels sprouts and to make dressing for spinach salad. This Ceramic Bacon Grease Container with Strainer ($24.99) belongs in our kitchen.

Gadget corn stripper

These handy gadgets remove corn kernels from cobs for cooking or freezing. (Courtesy of Amazon)

Mom taught us to freeze and can summer’s bounty. When local sweet corn is in season this Corn Stripper Tool ($8.99/2-pack) makes it easy to shuck and prep for winter enjoyment.