11 Amazon kitchen gadgets and unique utensils to buy in 2022

No matter how you slice it, finding a gift for the home chef or foodie who has everything can be dicey.

Good thing we have the vast internet and all of TikTok’s viral recommendations to keep up. Kitchen gadgets are all over the app, one more crazy and inventive than the next.

So in an effort to stay with the times, the New York Post wanted to take a deep dive into the most unique, helpful and even silly selects from the web, compiling them all into this helpful article (or gift guide). That way the next time you’re shopping for the personal chef or foodie in your life, you’ll be able to gift them something fun and fast — and that you know they’ll love no matter what.

From a strainer that makes draining pasta a breeze to an adorable strawberry slicer, we have rounded up some of the silliest kitchen gadgets that you won’t be able to live without from now on. Plus, these items are all available on Amazon to make shopping and shipping even easier.


No more losing precious pasta down the drain. This snap-on strainer and drainer is the coolest contraption, as it easily attaches to any pot or pan and is easy to then detach when you need to wash.

A red bowl of popcorn with a clear lid

Movie time! This popcorn maker is a breeze to use, as all you need to do is add kernels into the bowl along with the oil, salt and seasonings of your choosing and pop in the microwave. The bowl won’t be too hot to the touch and you’ll have 15 cups of popcorn in minutes. Feel free to eat right from the popper.

A hand holding a syrup dispenser over a stack of waffles

Don’t get caught in a sticky situation when it comes to syrup. This adorable syrup and honey dispenser is the best way to add some sweetness to the breakfast table. Simply fill and then squeeze the handle to let the syrup, honey or other sauce trickle down onto your flapjacks.

A bacon grease metal holder and strainer

Please don’t clog your drain or bother with a freezer full of fat containers. Use this device instead when cooking bacon or other fatty meats. It comes with a strainer to easily drain and strain the grease from your pots and pans, and then use it again to pour the bacon-y flavor back into your favorite dishes.

A grate over the sink and a knife and bell pepper sitting on the grate

Full disclosure, the writer of this article has one of these and may or may not also use it to keep her cats from jumping into the sink! This is truly a multi-purpose rack, as you can use it to block the sink, dry your dishes (traditionally) or even as extra counter space in a small kitchen. It rolls up for easy storage and can be rinsed clean if it gets messy.

A red can opener device

One touch and you are all set. This one-touch can opener is a super cool contraption, as all you need to do is secure it to the can, press the button and the little device makes its way around the can, opening it and saving you time and energy.

A bottle of wine in a silver wine cooling contraption

No one likes warm wine. This wine chiller is a cool and classy way to serve your favorite bottle of vino, coming in a silver color that looks great on any dining table or bar cart. Just grab a cold bottle of wine, insert it into the container and it will keep it cold for up to six hours.

A circular spice dispenser

This spice contraption is really a work of art, as not only does it display the labeled spices in a stunning lazy Susan type way, but it also dispenses the perfect amount for any recipe, with settings to let out teaspoons, tablespoons and other exact measurements.

A watermelon slicer that cubes watermelon

Slice and dice up a juicy watermelon in seconds with this fun device. The watermelon slicer makes perfect bite-sized cubes — great for a picnic, school lunches or to throw in a salad when you don’t want to bother with messy eating or disposing of the rinds on-the-go.

A red strawberry huller

Get the most out of your strawberry with this genius way to remove the stem and leaves. This strawberry-shaped device is super cute and gets the job done, getting rid of the core without sacrificing a lot of the fruit.

A green and black avocado tool

Save yourself a trip to the hospital with avocado hand injuries and get this tool instead. The 3-in-1 device opens, pits and slices your avocados, so you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself in the process.

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