10 ways to fix a slow computer – hacks for faster laptops

10 ways to fix a slow computer – hacks for faster laptops

There are so many more ways to fix a slow computer than just turning it on and off again repeatedly. And if your computer goes into meltdown every time you try to open more than one application, you may need to know a few new tricks. 

According to research from Sky Broadband, one in ten of us have never given our computer a digital declutter and have years of old files, photos and downloads clogging up devices. But much like a sink full of washing up, your PC needs regular attention. Even if you’ve invested in something like one of the best mesh wifi systems, it can be the machine, not its connectivity dragging you down. 

With a targeted approach, speeding up your computer can be a straightforward task as we have outlined here. So take a tip from the experts on best speed-up tricks to try and be safe in the knowledge that there’s no need for rolling up your sleeves or wearing rubber gloves. 

Logitech home office setting

(Image credit: It’s easy to create a smooth running office with the right gadgets and accessories. Shown here is Logitech’s latest keyboard and ergonimic mouse)

10 ways to fix a slow computer 

1. Remove unnecessary files and photos